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You've already made a great financial choice by looking into attending SCTCC. Now you can save even more during the month of October - it's Free App Month!

With a 97% placement rate, St. Cloud Technical & Community College has something for everyone. Aren't sure what you want to do? We can help you decide the programs and courses that are right for you and your career goals. But first, take advantage of Free Application month and apply now!

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During the month of October, the $20 college application fee will be waived for first-time applicants who apply to St. Cloud Technical & Community College. Save some cash and apply today for free!

Cyclone Tour (Weekday Tour)

Get a feel for campus life and the educational experience at SCTCC in the midst of all the action – during the week!

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Program Info Sessions

Program Info Sessions offer you a chance to learn about the SCTCC application process, specific program requirements, testing, and registration. You also get an opportunity to talk with faculty, tour the labs, and get your questions answered.

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