Associate in Arts Degree and Minnesota Transfer Curriculum

Associate in Arts Degree (AA) 60 Credits

SCTCC offers a two-year Associate in Arts Degree. This degree usually constitutes the first half of a baccalaureate degree at most colleges and universities anywhere in the world. The AA Degree provides students with a broad base of classes to help develop key communication and critical thinking skills and exposes students to new and diverse ideas. An Associate in Arts Degree is a stackable credential that students can use in a career or as a basis for further academic studies.   Because of transfer agreements with other MnSCU institutions, it is sometimes easier to transfer with an AA Degree than with the 40 credit MnTC. It is also more portable and widely accepted when transferring to an out of state institution. In addition to the 40 credits required from the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum, AA students must complete 18 college level elective credits and 2 credits of Wellness to reach the 60 credit total required to obtain the AA Degree.

General Requirements for the AA Degree:

A minimum of 60 credits (Completion of the 40 credit MnTC, 18 credits of electives and 2 credits of Wellness).

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) (40 Credits)

This curriculum is designed for those students who intend on transferring to another college or university within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system.  For a list of MnSCU institutions, click here.  MnTC is the core of the Associate in Arts Degree and serves as the key to all undergraduate education at SCTCC and all MnSCU institutions. The Minnesota Transfer Curriculum is a 40-credit package of general education courses that will be accepted for transfer by all Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. While specific courses may vary, students are required to complete courses in each of the 10 Goal Areas .  The courses that students complete at SCTCC can help them earn a degree at any MnSCU institution and are often transferable
to other colleges and universities.

General Requirements for MnTC:

A minimum of 40 credits and completion of all 10 Goal Areas with a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 2.0 for MnTC courses. The MnTC G.P.A. includes all MnTC courses, whether they were accepted in transfer or taken at SCTCC.

For more information about the 10 Goal Areas and specific courses that meet this requirement, click here.


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