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Deadline: The student application and recommendation must be submitted by June 1, 2014 for consideration.

If you have questions regarding the Beat The Odds recommendation process please contact Sheila at 320-308-5668 or

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We recommend you prepare your personal statement in a word processing program and cut and paste into the box after each question.  Please note that the application cannot be saved for future access.  Please retain a copy for your records.

Please explain your reasons for recommending this student for a Beat the Odds award. In your statement, please include the reasons how the student has beat the odds (minimum of 500 words):

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Note: Excerpts from your nomination may be used for future Beat The Odds publications.

All scholarships are submitted electronically, and the Foundation uses the electronic tracking date captured when the Submit Application button is clicked to ensure deadlines are met. We are not responsible for late applications or applications not received due to technical difficulties.


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