Coaching Certificate

Why Choose This Program?

If coaching athletes in high school, junior high, or youth sports is in your future, then the Coaching Certificate is a must!

The Coaching Certificate provides a background in coaching styles and methods and prepares future coaches to deal with the mental aspect of the position as well as sports, in general. Being able to prevent and care for athletic injuries, and treating athletic related emergencies is covered. Specific coaching and training techniques for football, volleyball, basketball, baseball and softball are also part of the program.

This certificate meets the requirements of the Minnesota State High School League and Minnesota Statute 122A.33, which dictates the minimum coaching education necessary to be a head coach at the high school level. The Coaching Certificate also meets requirements and recommendations of many school districts and youth sports organizations to coach at any level.

Don’t sideline this meaningful career move. Whether planning a career as an educator, planning to coach interscholastic sports, or preparing for head coaching positions, the Coaching Certificate ups your game. 


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