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Why Choose This Program

A CNC and Advanced Machining degree from SCTCC prepares students to shape metal and other hard materials with exactness. Students will gain skills to read blueprints and written instructions to convert various materials in intricate, precise, usable parts.

By using machine tools such as lathes, mills, grinder, drill-presses, computer, and computerized numerical control (CNC) machines, graduates will be ready for the expanding workforce as a machine operator, machinist, or tool and die or mold-maker apprentice.

Skills Acquired

  • Demonstrates problem-solving ability 
  •  Attends tool shows and metalworking exhibitions when possible 
  •  Reads trade journals and magazines for professional growth 
  • Read blueprints and written instructions 
  • Select proper machinery, materials, and tools 
  • Gain proficiency with machine tools such as lathes, mills, grinders, drill-presses, computers, and computerized numerical control (CNC) machines 
  • Setup and milling operations on Bridgeports 
  • Setup and turning operations on Lathes 
  • G & M code programming for CNC machines 
  • CAM designing and programming software 
  • CNC setup and operation 
  • Multi-axis CNC Machining and Turning center programming/setup and operation 
3-year Placement Rate
Central MN hourly salary range

Career Choices

Types of Careers

  •  Machinist:  Manual and CNC 
  • Toolmaker 
  • Moldmaker 
  • CNC Operator 
  • CNC Setup 
  • CNC programming 
  • Quality inspector 


 The general education courses are a part of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum.  

 Bemidji State University – 2 + 2 articulation 

 Minnesota State University Moorhead – 2 + 2 articulation 

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Anthony Wolbersen, Machine Tool Technology Instructor


Program Scholarship

Due to the demand in this field, the CNC and Advanced Manufacturing program qualifies for a new Workforce Development Scholarship of $2,500.  Click the button to learn more.  

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