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If talking to people comes easily to you – and you aspire to a leadership role in your career – then consider a sales, management, and marketing degree. This degree packs a powerful combination of knowledge and skills that you can put to work in any industry.

You’ll study principles of management and marketing as well as sales promotion and presentation. Additional business skill development is earned through coursework in accounting, customer service and sales, and business ethics. Finally, you’ll explore marketing, sales, and human resource management as well as entrepreneurship.

Graduates with a degree in sales, management and marketing go on to careers as department managers, store managers, retail sales associates, hospitality managers, customer service representatives, supervisors, business-to-business salespeople, and owners of their own businesses.

Seal the deal on a rewarding career. Enroll in the sales, management, and marketing program.

3-year Placement Rate
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The Sales Management Marketing Program was an amazing journey that I wish I would have started sooner. The teachers are phenomenal and will go above and beyond for their student’s success. Without them, I do not believe I would have the confidence and skill set I have today. They encouraged me to join DECA, which has helped me in numerous ways, from gaining confidence to allowing me to experience sales in a hands on setting.

This program allowed me to complete my degree all while working full time. It is not overwhelming by any means and as long as you put in the work, you will gain all you need from this program.

Amanda - Sales Representative - Integrity Global Solutions 

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