Dental Hygienist - Faculty

Anna Benner
Dental Hygiene Instructor
(320) 308-5410

Office: HSB 213F
Fall 2017 Courses:
Clinical Dental Hygiene III, Community Dental Health I, Dental Hygiene Materials and Methods, General & Oral Pathology, Pain Management, Pre-Clinical Dental Hygiene I

Barbara Henkemeyer
Dental Hygiene Instructor
(320) 308-5906

Office: HSB 213 E
Barbara Henkemeyer, Dental Hygiene Instructor Barb started the SCTCC Dental Hygiene Program in 1993 as the first and only faculty and the DH Program Director. In her time at SCTCC she has not only taught in the dental hygiene program, managed the dental hygiene program, but has also served in the role of Dean of Health and Human Services.

Barb holds a Bachelor of Science-Dental Hygiene Degree from Mn State Mankato, along with a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health Education from Mankato, and her Masters of Science degree from St. Cloud State University. Along with her formal training and education, Barb has completed many courses in speech communications, course construction, assessment, teacher education, and dental continuing education. Barb is a licensed dental hygienist with the state of Minnesota Board of Dentistry.

Barb has clinical dental hygiene experience in private practice dental offices, public health dental programs, and in the classroom, lab and clinic setting here at SCTCC.

Fall 2017 Courses:
Clinical Dental Hygiene III, Dental Hygiene Seminar I, Head, Neck and Dental Anatomy, Nutrition and Dental Hygiene

Mary LeBlanc
Dental Hygiene Instructor
(320) 308-5051

Office: HSB 213 D
Mary LeBlanc, Dental Hygiene Instructor Mary started her teaching career at SCTC in the Fall of 2002. Previous to that she had been in private clinical practice for almost 25 years, most recently for North Benton Dental Care, Sauk Rapids, MN.

Mary graduated from the University of South Dakota, Vermillion, South Dakota with a AAS, BS degree in Dental Hygiene.

Fall 2017 Courses:
Clinical Dental Hygiene III, Clinical Seminar III, Introduction to Radiology, Pain Management, Pre-Clinical Dental Hygiene I

Karen Middendorf
College Lab Assistant 2 - Dental
(320) 308-6640

Karen Middendorf, College Lab Assistant 2 - Dental Karen Middendorf started her career at SCTCC in the Fall of 2012. She is a certified and licensed dental assistant in the State of Minnesota. She received her AAS degree in Dental Assisting in 1993 at St. Cloud Technical College and had worked in private practice until becoming the lab assistant in 2012. She completed her AA degree in 2014. You will find her helping out in both Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene Programs with Labs, Clinic, Sterilization and Radiology. She is the Infection Control and Radiation Health and Safety Officer at the clinic.