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Firefighting NFPA 1001
The NFPA 1001 course is designed to teach the firefighter how to operate on a fire ground under general supervision.  The skills learned will help the firefighter perform their duties effectively, efficiently and safely.  Upon completion of the class you will be given the written exam offered by the Minnesota Fire Service Certification Board and conducted by a State Examiner.  If you choose to pursue the State Certification practical exam, SCTCC will set up the exam for you.
The course is approximately 4 months in length being held 2 nights per week and some Saturdays totaling 140 hours.  For more information on NFPA 1001, including the topics covered, click here.
FIRE 1467 - Fire Instructor I
This course is designed to teach individuals entering into teaching or instructing situations the basic skills necessary to function effectively in a classroom or drill ground setting. This course will prepare the individual for the Fire Instructor 1 Certification test. All materials provided.
FIRE 1465 - Fire Officer I
Fire Officer I course will prepare the student to perform the duties of the first line company officer.  This will include supervising a single fire suppression unit or a small administrative unit within the fire department.  Some of the duties included are: prioritizing multiple demands of the company, delegating tasks to subordinates, administrative duties relating to the individual companies or stations, supervisory duties and emergency scene functions.
FIRE 1466 – Fire Inspector I
The class includes preparing the student to conduct basic fire inspections in his/her jurisdiction while using the current building and fire codes.  It also includes a number of skill assignments that will teach the student how to use the applicable codes and also how to write up an order letter regarding an inspection they have completed.  This class is designed to prepare the student for the Minnesota State Certification Board's Fire Inspector I certification test
FIRE 1426 - Fire Apparatus Operator I
Course is designed for the fire fighter who wishes to advance to the next level of his/her profession.  This course consists of preventive maintenance, test and inspections, driving/operating, water supply, sprinklers and standpipes, and operations.  Different courses may include various types of fire apparatus and their respective operational information.  Pre-Requisite – Basic Pump Course or statement from chief of basic pump training for individuals. 
FIRE 1458 – Hazmat Awareness 
This class covers the basic awareness level of information relative to the first responder, EMT, Firefighter, or Law Enforcement personnel.  Class covers the basic introduction to Hazardous materials and alarms.  The lesson covers the recognition of the various container shapes that hazardous materials may be carried in, and identification symbols as indentified in the Emergency Response Guide.
FIRE 1455 - Hazmat Operations
Review of and demonstration of competency in performing the applicable skills of 29 CFR 1910.120 (q) and NFPA 472; Hands-on experience with the Emergency Response Guidebook and related documents; Review principles and procedures for analyzing an incident and implement a plan of action; Select and use proper personal protective equipment and demonstrate the decontamination process; Review Specified hazards associated with a HAZMAT environment.
FIRE 1492 - Live Fire Training
Live Fire Training conducted by SCTCC Qualified Instructors follow the MnSCU LIVE FIRE TRAINING MANUAL and NFPA 1403. In order to survive, firefighters must be able to think critically and clearly and solve problems quickly, under extreme stress. This can be especially difficult in an actual fire, so training instructors conduct live fire training drills: they purposely set buildings on fire to give students opportunities to develop these skills. The overall goal of this behavioral training is to instill good habits in students through repeated exposure. Live fire training is conducted in burn buildings, which are structures, built or acquired, to be intentionally burned for firefighter training.



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