President's and Dean's List | Spring 2014

President's List

St. Cloud Technical & Community College congratulates the following full-time, admitted students for their academic achievement Spring 2014; they have earned recognition on the President’s List, for a grade point average of 4.0. Jump to Dean's List >>

Name City Honor
Hodan Abdule Waite Park President's List
Hope Amundson Clearwater President's List
Obeth Aranda Monticello President's List
Keith Arns St Michael President's List
Callista Arnzen Melrose President's List
Jonathan Ashwill Little Falls President's List
Kolten Balder Foley President's List
Victoria Baxter Monticello President's List
Robert Bechtold Sauk Rapids President's List
Laura Becker-Pallister St Cloud President's List
Matthew Bedel St Joseph President's List
Nathan Bedel St Joseph President's List
Ryan Beech Battle Lake President's List
Nicholas Benson Jordan President's List
Tyler Berg Albany President's List
Justine Bergquist Sauk Rapids President's List
Kaitlin Bertram Becker President's List
Marissa Blake Clearwater President's List
Kevin Bloch Sauk Rapids President's List
Megan Boie Sauk Rapids President's List
Paige Boileau Baxter President's List
Brandon Bondhus Big Lake President's List
Justin Braith St Cloud President's List
Marissa Brandt Roseau President's List
Jill Brethorst Melrose President's List
Brianna Britton Becker President's List
Tiffanie Broughton Sartell President's List
John Buermann St. Cloud President's List
Nicole Bunnell St Cloud President's List
Donald Bush Monticello President's List
Hailey Bzdok St Cloud President's List
Monica Cardone Sauk Rapids President's List
Caleb Carlson Milaca President's List
Rebekka Carriere Sartell President's List
Veronica Chapp Foley President's List
Resa Charlton St Cloud President's List
Samantha Chopp Buffalo President's List
Brian Christian Sauk Rapids President's List
Ronald Clemons Saint Cloud President's List
Kally Clubb St Cloud President's List
Anne Clyne St Cloud President's List
Heather Colgan St Cloud President's List
Lindy Conway Cannon Falls President's List
Mark Cordero Dalbo President's List
Kaitlyn Crawford Sauk Rapids President's List
Candace Crooker Big Lake President's List
Lauren Cruze Sartell President's List
Anna Czech Bowlus President's List
Michael Czech St Cloud President's List
Hung Dao Delano President's List
Heather Davison St Cloud President's List
Candace Dezelske Sartell President's List
Ruth Diffley St Cloud President's List
Jennifer Dorn St Cloud President's List
Cole Douvier St Joseph President's List
Aaron Dresow Sartell President's List
Benjamin Drong Sauk Rapids President's List
James Duscher St Cloud President's List
Brady Ebnet Sauk Rapids President's List
Olivia Eisenwinter St Cloud President's List
Wyatt Elgard South Haven President's List
Steven Elliott Annandale President's List
Erin Emslander Waite Park President's List
Kimberly Emslander Sauk Rapids President's List
Melissa Everts St Cloud President's List
Kim Evjen Sartell President's List
Jesse Fasching Norwood Young America President's List
Bev Farlow Rice President's List
Brian Feia St Cloud President's List
McKayla Feia Holdingford President's List
Justin Feld St Joseph President's List
Danny Feldhege Cold Spring President's List
Jared Festler Little Falls President's List
Cody Fisher Sartell President's List
Kim Ford Rice President's List
Alicia Foster Sauk Rapids President's List
Breanna Foster Minnetonka President's List
Melissa Frank Monticello President's List
Joey Froelich Pierz President's List
Taylor Gabel Willmar President's List
Matthew Gagnon Coon Rapids President's List
Amy Garber Brainerd President's List
Kevin Gerads Rice President's List
Toria Gillson St Cloud President's List
Nicholas Gindele St Michael President's List
Matthew Glauner Clear Lake President's List
Bradley Gorecki Richmond President's List
Timothy Gratke Sartell President's List
Kevin Grose Sauk Rapids President's List
Michelle Gruba Milaca President's List
Dana Gruber St. Cloud President's List
Sarah Guderjohn Holdingford President's List
Evelyn Guevara-Almonacid St. Cloud President's List
Kimberly Gummert Sauk Rapids President's List
Gregory Gustafson St. Cloud President's List
Tamara Hagerty St Stephen President's List
Zachary Hanke Rice President's List
Vanessa Hansen St Joseph President's List
Michelle Harris Sartell President's List
Ronald Haskamp Melrose President's List
Corey Hecht St Cloud President's List
Zacharee Hedtke Litchfield President's List
Melissa Heidgerken South Haven President's List
Adam Heinze Elrosa President's List
Kathryn Helget Clearwater President's List
Samantha Hendershot Sauk Centre President's List
Melissa Hendrickx New York Mills President's List
Sara Hengemuehle Big Lake President's List
Katlyn Henry Foley President's List
Dawn Herbst Sartell President's List
Samantha Herold Pierz President's List
Sarah Hershey Princeton President's List
Tyler Hesch Foley President's List
Breanna Hess Paynesville President's List
Madison Hicks Sartell President's List
Colleen Hieb St Cloud President's List
Jordan Hoffman Brainerd President's List
Ryan Holden St Cloud President's List
Spencer Host Big Lake President's List
Elizabeth Hull St Cloud President's List
Patrick Hurtado Coon Rapids President's List
Preston Irsfeld Long Prairie President's List
Tate Irvine St Michael President's List
Jessicalynn Jackson St Cloud President's List
Charlotte Jacobson St Joseph President's List
Kailey Johnson Zimmerman President's List
Lukas Johnson West Fargo President's List
Ryder Johnson Annandale President's List
Melissa Jokela Sartell President's List
Susan Jones Maple Lake President's List
Adam Joslin Foley President's List
Kaleb Kadelbach Cloqeut President's List
Kyle Kampa Waite Park President's List
Kelsey Kapsner Hillman President's List
Kurt Kapsner St Cloud President's List
Jordyn Kardell Sauk Rapids President's List
Katelyn Kaskinen South Haven President's List
Erin Keating Pine City President's List
Jessica Kelash Foley President's List
Patrick Kester St. Cloud President's List
Sarah Kiley St Cloud President's List
Maggie Kippley St Cloud President's List
Amanda Klassen Melrose President's List
John Kleist Buffalo President's List
Paige Kloskowski St Cloud President's List
Gregory Knettel Cold Spring President's List
Beverly Knoertzer Princeton President's List
Ryan Knowles Champlin President's List
Joseph Koehler Sauk Rapids President's List
Tessa Korf St Cloud President's List
Brianna Kortuem Sauk Rapids President's List
Michaela Kraemer Foley President's List
Amber Krantz Cambridge President's List
Joshua Kremers St Cloud President's List
Timothy Kuebelbeck St Cloud President's List
Dale Kuehn Sauk Rapids President's List
Baylee Lahr Arden Hills President's List
Patsy Lamusga Browerville President's List
James Latzke Waite Park President's List
Mallory Laudenbach Clearwater President's List
Christopher Lawson Sartell President's List
Samantha Lewis Clear Lake President's List
Emily Leyendecker St Cloud President's List
Ethan Licht Sartell President's List
Andrew Lieser Sartell President's List
Levi Lindeman Paynesville President's List
Jake Lipski Andover President's List
James Lorentz St Cloud President's List
Braden Lowe St Cloud President's List
Brant Luzier Sartell President's List
Elba Manjarrez Arlington President's List
Michael Marx Monticello President's List
Brandon Matykiewicz Mora President's List
Gunnar McConnell Stacy President's List
Steven McCoy St Cloud President's List
Katherine McDilda Ramsey President's List
Tyler Mckinnon New Hope President's List
Jennifer McLaird Sauk Rapids President's List
Alice Meemken Rice President's List
Katelyn Mehr Willmar President's List
Jason Meyer St Cloud President's List
Dana Millaway Avon President's List
Bradley Miller St Cloud President's List
Stephanie Miller Saint Cloud President's List
Joshua Moeller Lauderdale President's List
Karen Moldenhauer Holdingford President's List
Robert Moody St Cloud President's List
Aaron Moore Waite Park President's List
Brian Morris Delano President's List
Janae Myers Becker President's List
Brian Nelson Randall President's List
Cheyenne Nelson Zimmerman President's List
Wendie Nelson St Cloud President's List
Shanna Niedfeldt Plymouth President's List
Kaylynn Niemela Annandale President's List
Christina Nienaber Bowlus President's List
Richard Nies Richmond President's List
Michael Neu Clearwater President's List
Jed Nikula Cokato President's List
Maria Norton Avon President's List
Jonathan Notsch Avon President's List
Aaron O'Connell Williams President's List
Carly O'Donnell St Cloud President's List
Elizabeth Oehrlein St Cloud President's List
Rebecca Ohlenburger Pine City President's List
Heather Orton Foley President's List
Bailee Payne Burtrum President's List
Cody Pearson New Ulm President's List
Abigail Peine Cold Spring President's List
Tina Petersen St Cloud President's List
Joel Peterson Monticello President's List
Rebecca Peterson Sartell President's List
Emma Plantenberg Saint Joseph President's List
Alex Plevell Watkins President's List
Damon Poepping Sauk Centre President's List
Danette Potter Clearwater President's List
Joseph Pribyl Buffalo President's List
Abbey Quist Monticello President's List
Cyrus Raivo St Cloud President's List
Samuel Rasmussen St Cloud President's List
Breanna Rau Arlington President's List
Brian Redemske Maple Lake President's List
Daniel Reginek Rice President's List
Cody Rieland Freeport President's List
Allison Robinson Buffalo President's List
Debbie Rokala Kimball President's List
Jaimee Sapp Becker President's List
David Schepers Sartell President's List
Dean Scherer St Joseph President's List
Isaac Schmitz St Cloud President's List
Joshua Schneider sartell President's List
Laurie Schuneman St Joseph President's List
Cortney Schwartz Holdingford President's List
Jorge Shepherd St Cloud President's List
Ashley Silverthorne Sauk Rapids President's List
Katelyn Simmons Sauk Rapids President's List
Jonathan Skwira Rice President's List
Marvin Skwira Holdingford President's List
Stephanie Skwira Holdingford President's List
Melissa Smelter Sauk Rapids President's List
Adam Solarz St Joseph President's List
Adam Spaeth Monticello President's List
Chelsey Stang Cold Spring President's List
Justin Stangl Pierz President's List
Kristina Stenger-Amundsen Zimmerman President's List
Tammy Stevens St Cloud President's List
Mark Stockinger St Cloud President's List
Hannah Streitman St. Michael President's List
Sheila Suelter Zimmerman President's List
David Sweeney Rice President's List
Dylan Tafuri Coon Rapids President's List
Tammy Taylor Richmond President's List
Elmer Theisen Cold Spring President's List
Amber Tolmie Sauk Rapids President's List
Kelsey Trelstad Cokato President's List
Jason Turbes Foley President's List
Valintia Turner Saint Cloud President's List
Amy Vannurden Royalton President's List
Leticia Vazquez Willmar President's List
Mike Vlaminck Marshall President's List
Kendra Voigt Sartell President's List
Samantha Wahlgren Sauk Rapids President's List
Thomas Wallgren Sauk Rapids President's List
Amber Warner Long Prairie President's List
Kelly Weeres Becker President's List
Travis Wehrenberg Browerville President's List
Lori Wendt Sauk Rapids President's List
Derek Willenbring Richmond President's List
Mary Williamson Sartell President's List
Brandon Winkels Albany President's List
April Witkowski St Cloud President's List
Natalie Witschen Monticello President's List
Duane Woitalla Avon President's List
Taylor Wolbersen Sauk Rapids President's List
Rodney Wurm Maple Lake President's List
Carrie Zeigler Erickson Foley President's List

Dean's List

St. Cloud Technical & Community College congratulates the following students for their academic achievement Spring 2014; they have earned recognition on the Dean’s list, for a grade point average of 3.5 to 3.9.


Name City Honor
Jessica Abel Sartell Dean's List
Sahra Ahmed St Cloud Dean's List
Leyda Alvarado Little Falls Dean's List
Adam Anderson St Joseph Dean's List
Ashley Angier Kimball Dean's List
Steven Ashbaugh Montrose Dean's List
Jamie Bahr Waite Park Dean's List
Samantha Bard St. Cloud Dean's List
Tiara Bechtold Sauk Rapids Dean's List
Clint Becker Cold Spring Dean's List
Kody Bengtson Paynesville Dean's List
Jason Berry Walker Dean's List
Douglas Berthiaume Sartell Dean's List
Jodi Bertrand Little Falls Dean's List
Jose Betancourt Royalton Dean's List
Kristie Bliss Cedar Dean's List
Brandon Boatman Nelson St. Cloud Dean's List
Michaela Bodensteiner Oronoco Dean's List
Tim Boldt Cold Spring Dean's List
Jennifer Boots Rice Dean's List
Drake Borsgard Windom Dean's List
Myles Bous Sartell Dean's List
Michael Britz Royalton Dean's List
Drew Cardone Sauk Rapids Dean's List
Ashley Carlson Madison Dean's List
Nathaniel Carlson Milaca Dean's List
Kaitlyn Carter Blaine Dean's List
Nicole Carwell Pierz Dean's List
Danielle Chisholm Osakis Dean's List
Jordan Chouanard St Cloud Dean's List
Charles Christen Sauk Rapids Dean's List
Gabriel Christensen St Paul Dean's List
Ellie Clark Sartell Dean's List
Nikitta Clark Carver Dean's List
Jennifer Clifton St. Cloud Dean's List
Lisa Colon Watkins Dean's List
Alesha Conklin Saint Cloud Dean's List
Aaron Couch Sartell Dean's List
Tessa Croatt St Cloud Dean's List
Matthew Crosby Monticello Dean's List
Heather Czeck St Joseph Dean's List
Jarrid Dahl Oak Grove Dean's List
Michelle Davidson Otsego Dean's List
Donald Deckard Big Lake Dean's List
Rachel Detschman Rice Dean's List
Briana Dewar Holdingford Dean's List
William Ditlevson St Cloud Dean's List
Benjamin Doerr New Prague Dean's List
Prestin Drexler Ashby Dean's List
Mark Eiden Chaska Dean's List
Mary Embree Royalton Dean's List
Nichole Erickson Sartell Dean's List
Tyler Evans Otsego Dean's List
Kesa Featherstone Saint Cloud Dean's List
Felicia Fehn Monticello Dean's List
Jason Fellegy Sauk Rapids Dean's List
Jennifer Firenz St Cloud Dean's List
Melissa Fleischman Clear lake Dean's List
Cody Foth Clear Lake Dean's List
Dakota Freiborg Sacred Heart Dean's List
David Gadient Red Wing Dean's List
Jeremy Gaebel Clear Lake Dean's List
Essa Gassama St Cloud Dean's List
Justin Gertken St Augusta Dean's List
Nathan Gertken Richmond Dean's List
Nicolette Gindele Rice Dean's List
Christopher Gizzi Becker Dean's List
Jade Goelz Annandale Dean's List
Michael Gonzalez Avon Dean's List
Steven Gonzalez Waite Park Dean's List
Kathryn Granheim Albany Dean's List
Ian Greniger Maple Lake Dean's List
Casey Greninger Monticello Dean's List
Nathan Gromberg St Cloud Dean's List
Sarah Gross Sartell Dean's List
Jonathan Gueningsman Glencoe Dean's List
Lisa Gyasi Burnsville Dean's List
Tanner Haglund Zimmerman Dean's List
Mitchell Hall St Cloud Dean's List
James Handy Monticello Dean's List
Mitchell Hanenburg Milaca Dean's List
Jarrod Hannon Milaca Dean's List
Darlene Hansen Becker Dean's List
Michael Hansmeier Foley Dean's List
Andrea Hanson Albany Dean's List
Kristin Haskamp Waite Park Dean's List
Mohamud Hassan Rochester Dean's List
Ann Heberling Maple Lake Dean's List
Corbin Heder Sauk Rapids Dean's List
Jessica Heinen Cold Spring Dean's List
Mary Helgeson Maple Lake Dean's List
German Hernandez Montanez Melrose Dean's List
Halie Heurung Avon Dean's List
Hannah Hinnenkamp St Joseph Dean's List
Maggy Hiza Sartell Dean's List
Lacey Hoffner St. Cloud Dean's List
Michael Holtslander Saint Cloud Dean's List
Jonathan Hommes Elk River Dean's List
Matt Hommes Elk River Dean's List
Laure Hoza St Cloud Dean's List
Hailey Hukriede Grey Eagle Dean's List
Edmond Hunstiger St Cloud Dean's List
Abdoulmalik Ibrahim Brooklyn Center Dean's List
Qali Ibrahim St Cloud Dean's List
Brooke Inman Zimmerman Dean's List
Nicole Jacobs St Cloud Dean's List
Zachary Jensen Coon Rapids Dean's List
Rachelle Jentink Monticello Dean's List
Dustin Johnson Foley Dean's List
Hannah Johnson New Hope Dean's List
Katherine Johnson St Cloud Dean's List
Kelsey Johnson Swanville Dean's List
Megan Johnson Cokato Dean's List
Spencer Johnson Little Falls Dean's List
Molly Jordan Swanville Dean's List
Haley Karvonen Perham Dean's List
Abigail Kascht Paynesville Dean's List
Cameron Kazik Wales Dean's List
Brea Keast St Cloud Dean's List
Joni Kedrowski Princeton Dean's List
Tyler Keltner-Lutz Rice Dean's List
Jennie Keskimaki Chassell Dean's List
Benjamin Kieke Sauk Rapids Dean's List
Daniel Kieke Sauk Rapids Dean's List
Megan King Sauk Rapids Dean's List
John Kitzmiller Sartell Dean's List
Ethan Kleinschmidt Sartell Dean's List
Brandy Klinkner Sartell Dean's List
Leticia Kloos Richmond Dean's List
Katie Koloski Sartell Dean's List
Brooke Kolstad Browerville Dean's List
Michaela Komis Avon Dean's List
Satera Kontz St Cloud Dean's List
Ashley Konz Clearwater Dean's List
Elleanor Kopietz Champlin Dean's List
Mark Kruger Rice Dean's List
Matthew Kubasek Sauk Rapids Dean's List
Kolin Kubitz Clintonville Dean's List
Louis Kuhn South Haven Dean's List
Brittany LaBarge St Cloud Dean's List
Colton LaJoie Clearwater Dean's List
Tammi Lane Sauk Rapids Dean's List
April Lange Royalton Dean's List
Ashley Larsen Wannaska Dean's List
Cassandra Larson Milaca Dean's List
Randy Larson St Joseph Dean's List
Brandon Lawrence Clearwater Dean's List
Rebecca Leaders Clear Lake Dean's List
Jacob Lepper Milaca Dean's List
Alicia Leyendecker Rice Dean's List
Valerie Lietzau Litchfield Dean's List
Jeremy Limpert Sartell Dean's List
Megan Lindbloom Sartell Dean's List
Eli Lindeman Paynesville Dean's List
McKenzie Lloyd Sartell Dean's List
Ryan Loch St Cloud Dean's List
Raechel Lodermeier St Joseph Dean's List
Kyle Loeffler St Cloud Dean's List
Nathan Lungstrom New London Dean's List
Tiffany Lupkes Sauk Rapid Dean's List
Andrew Lynch Hastings Dean's List
Aaron Lyngen St Cloud Dean's List
Hannah Malecha New Prague Dean's List
Courtney Malvin Atwater Dean's List
Chelsea Markfort Oak Park Dean's List
Clint Marsolek Albany Dean's List
Hayley Martichuski St Cloud Dean's List
Nathan Masog Little Falls Dean's List
Ryan Masog Royalton Dean's List
Paige Maus St Cloud Dean's List
Kevin McCain Delano Dean's List
Jeffrey McKenna Prior Lake Dean's List
Brian Menke Sartell Dean's List
Luke Meschke Andover Dean's List
Brad Messner St Cloud Dean's List
Sara Mezzano St Cloud Dean's List
Brett Michaels Buffalo Dean's List
Candace Miller Sartell Dean's List
Jonathan Miller New London Dean's List
Kendall Milner McGregor Dean's List
Samuel Mingo St Cloud Dean's List
Kyla Morris Dayton Dean's List
Kendra Motyl Pine City Dean's List
Crista Mullins St Cloud Dean's List
Joseph Naegeli Sauk Rapids Dean's List
Dezirey Neely Princeton Dean's List
Nathanial Neeser Sauk Rapids Dean's List
Danielle Nelson Pierz Dean's List
Eric Nelson Isle Dean's List
Christopher Newgard Milaca Dean's List
Alex Niemeyer St Cloud Dean's List
Cathryn Nissen St Cloud Dean's List
Trever Nordlund Rice Dean's List
Steve Nordsven St Michael Dean's List
Jeny Nystuen Richmond Dean's List
Heather Oachs Montrose Dean's List
Dallas O'Dell Monticello Dean's List
Deborah O'Keefe Rice Dean's List
Kelsey Olmscheid Rice Dean's List
Sarina Olson West Fargo Dean's List
Ryan Oltz Sauk Rapids Dean's List
Reana Orbeck Kimball Dean's List
Brent Orndorff Sartell Dean's List
Katie O'Rourke Blackduck Dean's List
Brennan Orth St Cloud Dean's List
Kristen Orth Melrose Dean's List
Aaron Ortloff Sauk Rapids Dean's List
Robert Osterdyk Mora Dean's List
Tyler Palm St Cloud Dean's List
Michaela Partch St Cloud Dean's List
Christine Peck St Cloud Dean's List
Shane Perry Delano Dean's List
Kristopher Peterick St Cloud Dean's List
Jamie Peterson Elk River Dean's List
Jason Peterson St Cloud Dean's List
Maria Peterson Maple Lake Dean's List
Abigale Petroske Sauk Rapids Dean's List
Amanda Petry Sauk Rapids Dean's List
Robert Phillips Cold Spring Dean's List
Monte Pierskalla St Stephen Dean's List
Ashley Pitschka Richmond Dean's List
Walter Piwowar St Cloud Dean's List
Kristi Plafcan Rice Dean's List
Erin Podvin St. Cloud Dean's List
Seth Pollock Willmar Dean's List
Taylor Polta St Cloud Dean's List
Miranda Posusta Glencoe Dean's List
Brian Preusser St Cloud Dean's List
Miranda Przybilla Sauk Rapids Dean's List
Nicholas Quinn Big Lake Dean's List
Marissa Rapaway Sartell Dean's List
Danielle Ravenscraft St Cloud Dean's List
Brandon Reinholz St Cloud Dean's List
Bryce Reiter St Cloud Dean's List
Jacob Rigenhagen Annandale Dean's List
Nicole Robinson Brooklyn Park Dean's List
Rebecca Roelike Sauk Centre Dean's List
Clayton Rosine Maple Lake Dean's List
Aaron Roth Clinton Dean's List
Amber Rowen Monticello Dean's List
Eric Rude St Cloud Dean's List
Claire Ruegemer Richmond Dean's List
Mitchell Sand Freeport Dean's List
Daniel Sapp Becker Dean's List
Andrea Schaefer Sauk Rapids Dean's List
Morgan Schlangen Watkins Dean's List
Shaina Schmitz Cold Spring Dean's List
John Schnettler St Cloud Dean's List
Claire Schroepfer St Cloud Dean's List
Ashley Schuerman Sauk Rapids Dean's List
Rachel Schwagel Sauk Rapids Dean's List
Alexa Secord Avon Dean's List
Amanda Shea Waite Park Dean's List
Savannah Shea Waite Park Dean's List
Russell Simmons Sauk Rapids Dean's List
Bradley Sivanich Waite Park Dean's List
Anton Skerjance Eveleth Dean's List
Tiffany Skwira Holdingford Dean's List
Alex Smith Avon Dean's List
Rosesam Smith New Hope Dean's List
Morgan South Sartell Dean's List
Jared Spaid Nisswa Dean's List
Jessie Specht St Cloud Dean's List
Jennifer Spike Buffalo Dean's List
Derek Stahnke Sartell Dean's List
Johnathan Stang St. Cloud Dean's List
Samantha Steffes St Louis Park Dean's List
Andrew Stellmach Sartell Dean's List
Paige Storkamp Clearwater Dean's List
Emma Stracke St. Cloud Dean's List
Dana Svensson Sartell Dean's List
Jeremy Swanson Otsego Dean's List
Bradley Talberg Hillman Dean's List
Nina Taute Foreston Dean's List
Nicole Terres Paynesville Dean's List
Sara Theis Melrose Dean's List
Andrea Thene Holdingford Dean's List
Andrea Tims St Cloud Dean's List
James Toay Maple Grove Dean's List
Richard Toren Jr. Cold Spring Dean's List
Nicole Tschida Melrose Dean's List
Rylie Ulrich Howard Lake Dean's List
Joshua Vance Farmington Dean's List
Jessina VanUden Cottonwood Dean's List
Jacqueline Vaquerano Monticello Dean's List
Alex Veillette Little Falls Dean's List
Adam Veurink Milaca Dean's List
Adam Virnig Rice Dean's List
Ekaterina Von Itter Little Falls Dean's List
Jennifer Vonderhaar Sartell Dean's List
Candace Waldoch Sauk Rapids Dean's List
Katie Waltman Little Falls Dean's List
Jonah Warner St Cloud Dean's List
Jasmin Waytashek Little Falls Dean's List
Jill Waytashek Pierz Dean's List
Karyn Weese Deer River Dean's List
Taylor Weirens St Cloud Dean's List
Kevin Weyer St Joseph Dean's List
Cameron Whitaker Sartell Dean's List
Tyler Wibstad Annandale Dean's List
Carissa Wilcox Sauk Rapids Dean's List
Andrew Wilke Annandale Dean's List
Rachelle Wirtzfeld Eden Valley Dean's List
Jessica Wolbeck Melrose Dean's List
Megan Wolbeck St Cloud Dean's List
Travis Wolbeck Sauk Rapids Dean's List
Angela Wolf Bowlus Dean's List
Joseph Wolf Cold Spring Dean's List
Brady Wolff Annandale Dean's List
Stacy Wollak Sauk Rapids Dean's List
Kaitlyn Wuebkers Burtrum Dean's List
James Zander Annandale Dean's List
Stephen Zierden Avon Dean's List
Sabrina Zimmel Osakis Dean's List
Cody Zoellner Waite Park Dean's List



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