Infosession: Health Programs

Some programs only offer the Infosession during Fall and Spring semesters. If an Infosession is not available for your program please sign up for a tour of the college. We strongly encourage that you review your specific program web pages that are available under the Programs and Majors section of the SCTCC website.

Note: Some meetings take place in the Health Sciences Building. These are denoted in the event room listing with H. Please go to the Health Sciences Building for these events.

Seating for each meeting is limited, so sign up as soon as you can for an available meeting.

ProgramDate/TimeRoomSeats Available
ADN Mobility Program01/25/18 3:00 pmH14347
ADN Mobility Program02/15/18 3:00 pmH14350
ADN Mobility Program03/15/18 3:00 pmH14349
ADN Mobility Program04/12/18 3:00 pmH14346
Cardiovascular Technology12/13/17 3:00 pm1-30820
Dental Assistant12/12/17 2:00 pmH125B28
Dental Hygienist01/11/18 12:00 pm125J34
Dental Hygienist02/08/18 12:00 pm125J35
Dental Hygienist03/20/18 12:00 pm125B36
Dental Hygienist04/12/18 12:00 pm125J36
Paramedicine12/19/17 3:00 pmH11526
Practical Nursing01/23/18 3:30 pmH14048
Practical Nursing02/13/18 3:30 pmH14049
Practical Nursing03/13/18 3:30 pmH14050
Practical Nursing04/10/18 3:30 pmH14049
Sonography12/19/17 3:00 pmH01923
Sonography01/30/18 3:00 pmH14036
Sonography02/27/18 3:00 pmH14038
Sonography03/27/18 3:00 pmH14040
Sonography04/24/18 3:00 pmH14039
Surgical Technology01/16/18 3:00 pmH13223
Surgical Technology02/20/18 3:00 pmH13230
Surgical Technology03/13/18 3:00 pmH13230
Surgical Technology04/17/18 3:00 pmH13230