Technology Services - Laptop Program

First-year students in the programs listed below are required to purchase laptop computers and software.

Land Surveying students will also be required to purchase a PDA (personal digital assistant).


Programs requiring personal computers:

Administrative Support and Health Information Technology Careers—all options

Computer Careers—Programming

Land Surveying/Civil Engineering Technology

Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing

Architectural Construction Technology

Mechanical Design Technology

Instrumentation and Process Control


Energy Technical Specialist

Energy Technical Specialist - Nuclear

Robotics and Automation

Biomedical Technician

Students in programs requiring laptops may order their laptop computers from a recommended vendor.

The recommended company has established a web site for our students’ use and their prices will be posted on the site. Sales tax will be added to the cost of computers and software.

The recommended laptops are dependable and capable of performing the functions needed. They are high-end computers that will perform well during college years as well as after graduation. 

Go to the vendor web site where you will find laptop pricing and specifications.:

  • You must have an account created to enter the site, shop, and place orders.
  • Once you have logged into the site select the “Standards” link at the top left to see pricing for SCTCC laptop programs.
  • Select SCTCC Standard Bundles to view laptops and accessories for SCTCC laptop programs.

Land Surveying/Civil Engineering Technology, Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing, and Architectural Construction Technology students will download their AutoDesk software with the assistance of their instructor. The program will be loaded on the computers during class the first week of the semester.


Contact Info

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