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SCTCC now uses Office 365 for education! Office 365 is a free, web-based email service and it is SCTCC's official means of communication with students. This email can be accessed on and off campus, anywhere you have an Internet connection. As a student at SCTCC, you’re required to set up your email account. Please make sure that you set up your email account so you don’t miss any important correspondence from the college. 


With Office 365 you have two separate accounts.

  • Getting your Office 365 email account - *you will need your Tech ID number

  1. Get your email address by navigating to, enter the requested information. Your school email address will be given to you along with a temporary password. Disregard this password.
  2. Contact the Help Desk. Call, stop by during business hours or email the Help Desk, to create a new password.  *Note: This password will work  for email.
  3. Log into your Student Email. Navigating to the site, click “Student Email”, then click “Access Student Email” or Navigating to

Welcome to Office 365 Outlook. With your email account you get a calendar so you can plan school, studying and work all in one calendar. For convenience, you can set up your mobile phone or device to your account or forward your email to a personal account. If you like personalization you can customize the browser window, create a signature or setup an auto reply message.  If you have a group project you can create a group to make sending emails, sharing files and even setup a meeting times easier.

  • Getting your Office 365 OneDrive – this is setup separately, by student, AFTER email account setup is complete.

  1. Navigate to, Click on “can’t access your account”.
  2. Enter school email address in Microsoft account field and enter the characters you see in the second field.
  3. Choose to have the link sent to your school email address.
  4. Check your school email for a verification email that you made the request. *Note: It may take up to an hour for the email to arrive. Click on the link address that confirms you made the request.
  5. You will be prompted to create a password.  It is advised to make this password the same as your email.
  6. Navigate to again and log on.

Welcome to Office 365 OneDrive. With OneDrive you get to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote for free. Also you can share some documents, and keep the rest private.



How do I find out my email address?

Find the step-by-step instructions titled “Getting your Office 365 email account”


What is my username and password to log into computers at SCTCC?

The login and password is your StarID and StarID password. If you do not have this setup please contact the Help Desk.


What do I use for login and password to log into Desire2Learn?

The login and password is your StarID and StarID password. If you do not have this setup please contact the Help Desk.


Where can I save my files?

Most of the computers for student use are frozen, which means you cannot save on them and retrieve the documents later. You have many options for file storage. OneDrive provides 7GB of for free when using your school email address. You have a “locker” in D2L (Desire2Learn) with 2Mb of storage. Most commonly used are flash drives; also called thumb drives or jump drives, these have become very affordable. It is recommended to use a couple of these methods to create backups.


What do I do if I forget my password?

Contact the Help Desk. Call, stop by during business hours, or email the Help Desk to create a new password.


How do I use Word, Excel or PowerPoint using Office 365?

You will create these files using your OneDrive so this must be setup first. We have step by step instructions for OneDrive setup are above. When logged into OneDrive, click “Create” on the top of browser and choose what type of program you want to use. These are slim versions of the original Microsoft Office programs and will not have all the features of the purchased version.


How do I share files with public in OneDrive?

Log into OneDrive. Select a file by putting a checkmark in the box for the file. Click “Sharing” at the top of the browser. Now you can choose to email this file, make the file public with an embedded code or a link, or get a link share it with friend. If you choose a link you can also choose which permissions for the friend to have. You can give them “view only” or “view and edit” rights.


How do I personalize my school email?

Log into your school email.  Click on the sprocket in the upper right corner of your browser and choose “Options”

Email Signature – found in the settings section, click “save” to save changes

Auto Reply – found in organize email section, click “automatic replies”. Complete the form and click "save"

How do I forwarding email to a personal account?

Log into your student email. Click the sprocket in the upper right corner of your browser and choose “Options”. Forwarding is found in “connected accounts”. Type the email address you want send your school email to. Click “start forwarding”.


Can I get my school email on my smart phone?

Yes, Microsoft created a wizard that has step by step instruction for specific devices. Log into your student email.  The wizard can be found by clicking the sprocket in the upper right corner of your browser and click “Options”. Click on the hyperlink on the right side of the screen that says “Connect your mobile phone or device to your account”. Click on the type of device you have, choose “Exchange” mail and follow the directions given.


How do I create groups using Office 365 email?

Log into your student email. Click on “People”, top right of browser window. Click “+new”, choose “create group”. Give the group a name and start adding members. You will add each member manually one at a time. Each member will be added to your contacts as well as your group.








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