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SCTCC now uses Office 365 for education! Office 365 is a free, web-based email service and it is SCTCC's official means of communication with students. This email can be accessed on and off campus, anywhere you have an Internet connection. As a student at SCTCC, you’re required to set up your email account. Please make sure that you set up your email account so you don’t miss any important correspondence from the college. 

Office 365

  • Getting your Office 365 email account - *you will need your StarID

Go to and follow the instructions to log into your SCTCC email account for the first time. 

Welcome to Office 365 Outlook. Microsoft Office 365 enables students at SCTCC access to their email from anywhere with an internet connection. Office 365 also includes a calendar, a place for contacts, and a personal library intended for storing and organizing your files called OneDrive. For convenience, you can set up your mobile phone or device to your account or forward your email to a personal account. If you like personalization you can customize the browser window, create a signature or setup an auto reply message.  If you have a group project you can create a group to make sending emails, sharing files and even setup a meeting times easier.

  • Office 365 OneDrive

OneDrive is available within Office 365 and is a personal library intended for storing and organizing your files. OneDrive allows you to store up to 1 TB of information, and OneDrive also allows you to create files using the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote Online apps.


How do I get my email address?

Find the step-by-step instructions here:

How do I access Office 365?

To access your student email account, select Student Email on the SCTCC home page, or you can go to

What do I use to log into email?

To log into your Office 365 student email account you must use your full email address (for example: and the password you created.

How do I change my current Office 365 password?

Log into your Office 365 email account. Select the sprocket in the upper, right corner next to your user name and in the menu select Office 365 Settings. In the options on the left select Password. For security reasons you may be required to sign in again. On the right type in the old password, create a new password, confirm the new password, and select Save.

How do I know when my Office 365 password will expire?

You will see an expiration message when you sign in. The message shows the number of days left before the password expires and provides a link to the Change password page.

What if I don’t change my Office 365 password in time?

You can still change your password after it has expired. The Update password page displays when you sign in, and you can enter a new password.

What do I do if I forget my password?

Students can contact the Open Computer Lab in Rm. 1-405 by stopping in or by calling (320) 308-6445 to get a temporary password.

How do I save files to OneDrive?

Once you have signed into Office 365 with your SCTCC email address and password, select OneDrive which is found on the Navigation Bar at the top, right of the window. When you select OneDrive for the first time, Office 365 will ask if you want to allow others to see certain activities in the Newsfeed – you can select “No Thanks. Office 365 will then set up your OneDrive storage area – this may take several minutes. Once OneDrive has been set up you can drag and drop files into this area, or select Upload to browse for files.

How do I create a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file using Office 365?

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files can be created from within OneDrive. With OneDrive selected in Office 365, select “+new” and in the menu select the application you want to use. You will be asked to enter a file name, select “OK”. This will open the online or slim version of the original Microsoft Office programs which do not have all the features of the purchased version.

How do I share files with public in OneDrive?

With OneDrive selected in Office 365, select the file you want to share by placing a checkmark next to it. Select “Share” and in the dialog box select "Invite People" or "Get a Link". Invite People allows you to specify the people that you want to share the file with and you can determine whether they can view or edit the file. Get a Link allows you to share a link to the file with anyone, again determining whether they have editing or viewing capabilities. You can also view who you have shared a file with by selecting "Shared With".

How do I personalize my school email?

Log into Office 365 using your school email address and password. Select the sprocket in the upper, right corner next to your user name, and choose “Options” in the menu.

Email Signature – found in the Settings section, select “Save” to save the changes.

Auto Reply – found in the Organize Email section, select “automatic replies”. Complete the information and select "Save".

How do I forwarding email to a personal account?

Log into your student email. Select the sprocket in the upper, right corner next to your user name and choose “Options”. Forwarding is found in “connected accounts”. Type the email address you want send your school email to, then select “start forwarding”.

Can I get my school email on my smart phone?

Yes, Microsoft created a wizard that has step by step instruction for specific devices. Log into your student email.  The wizard can be found by selecting the sprocket in the upper right corner of your browser, then select “Options”. Select the hyperlink on the right side of the screen that says “Connect your mobile phone or device to your account”. Select the type of device you have, choose “Exchange” mail and follow the directions given.

How do I create groups using Office 365 email?

Log into your student email. Select “People” which is found on the Navigation Bar at the top, right of the window. Select “+new”, choose “create group”. Give the group a name and start adding members. You will add each member manually one at a time. Each member will be added to your contacts as well as your group.




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