Alum gives gift of life over holidays

Posted: Thu, 01/12/2012 - 1:38pm in Alumni

"It feels like a herd of cows are on my chest," Glen Listul said when he woke up. That feeling was caused by his niece, Amy Logan (Hamlin), who helped save his life.

/sites/default/files/news/Amy.jpgChristmas Day was unfolding like it has for many years in this family: people talking in the living room, others playing cards in the kitchen. Then the chaos started. Glen collapsed. His heart had stopped. He was unconscious. The kitchen table and chairs were shoved out of the way, and family members were yelling.

Amy, a driver with Voigt's Bus Service, had been trained for moments like this on the job. She had taken Healthcare Provider CPR in 2007 and First Responder training in 2008. At this time, she had never used any of the training but was quick to recall what needed to be done.

Amy started compressions while her Aunt Becky began giving rescue breathes, alternating between his mouth and nose, due to Glen's jaw locking throughout the process. Amy had to stand over her Uncle Glen to do compressions because of their size difference. "I felt the cracking of his ribs underneath my hands," she remembers, but she kept going.

After 8 minutes, her Uncle Mark took over compressions. At this time a First Responder showed up with an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). Amy took the AED, placed the pads, and shocked her Uncle Glen twice, continuing CPR in between. At 23 minutes, EMS showed up, back boarded her uncle, and completed one more shock. Glen responded then, groaning and waking up a little bit.

He was put in the ambulance and brought to the cardiac care unit of the hospital. On December 27, Glen had a defibrillator implanted and was released the next day . . . quite sore, but very much alive.

"The training I received is what saved my Uncle's life," Amy said. "CPR came to me as second nature. You may think you never need it, but when something happens, it's there."

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