Nursing (A.D.N.) - Academic Advising

All currently enrolled students at SCTCC preparing to apply to the Nursing A.D.N. (2-year RN) Mobility program are assigned to an advisor from the Academic Advising Center. Advisors will assist in the development of an education plan to meet the student’s abilities and career goals.

Academic Advising Sessions

Students must attend an Advising Session each semester. At the session, students will meet with their advisor and learn important information and updates about the program. Students will receive their access code, which is required to register for the following semester classes. Register for an HHS Advising Session.

Prepare for Advising Session 

  • Review the program web pages.
  • Sign up to attend an Academic Advising Session.
  • Download and complete the Academic Advising Worksheet. Once the advisor reviews, the student will receive the Access Code (required for course registration).
  • Bring student DARS report (log into e-services account).
  • Review “Registration Window” date (log into e-services account).
    Be prepared to register on that date.
  • On Student Success Day/Advising Day day classes are not held. Attend Workshops and Key Note speaker to develop and enhance life and career goals. 

The advisor will assist in the development of an education plan to meet the student’s abilities and career goals. Contact your academic advisor for assistance with your plan.

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for understanding which courses to take and in which order to take them to successfully complete pre-requisites for program application. 

Students should review their specific program web pages to understand:

  • Program prerequisite courses
  • Program requirements
  • Program admissions criteria
  • Program application dates
  • Program rubrics used in ranking applicants
  • Academic Advising worksheets
  • Attend Program Information Session; meet faculty, tour labs, learn more about program.

Student E-Services Account

Students will log in to their e-services account using student ID# and Password. Here are a few of the services students can obtain to assist with their educational goals:

  • Interactive Degree Audit Report (DAR’s) report, listed under Grades and Transcripts. This report shows progress towards your degree and all of your transfer work from other colleges and universities.
  • Student Holds - shows holds that will stop you from registering, listed under “Courses and Registration”.
  • Registration window - shows the date you can register for classes each semester, listed under “Courses and Registration”. 
  • Financial Aid Award Letter - shows the aid you are qualified to select, listed under “Financial Aid”. If you do not see an award letter you may need to make financial arrangements with the Business Office. 
  • View grades and View and Modify course schedule. 

Visit student e-services. Log in using student ID and password.


Contact Info

320.308.5000 or 1.800.222.1009

1540 Northway Drive
St. Cloud, MN 56303