SCTCC alumna makes clean living doing a dirty job

Posted: Wed, 08/07/2013 - 12:19pm in Alumni

Renee Oelrich would make Mike Rowe proud; us too.

If topics like activated sludge and bio solids make you squeamish, be glad you have someone like Oelrich on your side.

Since 2007, Oelrich has served as the laboratory operator for the City of LeSeuer Water and Wastewater Treatment facility (ironic, right?). Her responsibilities include process monitoring and control, regulatory compliance, lab management, and emergency response . . . dealing with things we don’t like to talk about (think safe handling and processing of icky stuff).

And, she’s good at it. Oelrich was just named the 2013 Minnesota Wastewater Operators Association Laboratory Operator of the Year.

Oelrich is a graduate of SCTCC’s Water Environment Technologies program; the program is one of only two in Minnesota that help ensure clean, safe water handling. She also is a frequent presenter at our DIVA Camp, teaching young girls about truck driving.

“I love helping girls and women know that there are many great jobs out there that are not typical,” she said.

You’ll read more about Oelrich in the fall issue of In the Works magazine, due out in October.

Renee Oelrich standing with her pump truck


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