Program Description

Land Surveying/Civil Engineering
Land Surveying/Civil Engineering Diploma (63 Credits)

Program Description
The Land Surveying/Civil Engineering Technology Program prepares individuals for employment as engineering/surveying technicians. Students learn surveying and drafting techniques, along with design and construction practices pertaining to sewer, water, streets, roads, and land surveying. Students are introduced to modern surveying equipment; computer applications; computer aided drafting and design, and surveying methods.

Technicians must be able to work with other professional people, as well as the general public on a day-to-day basis. Working conditions for technicians may involve a variety of indoor and/or outdoor settings. Problem solving and critical thinking skills are essential to this profession.

Degree Specific Program Requirements: Students who have earned a grade of "C" or better, in all technical classes, as well as an overall GPA of 2.0 or better will have satisfied the program requirements for the diploma.

The general studies courses are technically focused and not designed for transfer.

Career Opportunities
Technicians may be employed by state, county and city governmental agencies, contractors, private engineering or land surveying firms in a wide range of starting positions. Civil Engineering design, boundary surveying, computer application, testing of materials, construction surveying and inspection, estimating and general design work are just a few examples of career possibilities.

Gainful Employment Data

Suggested Technical Studies Semester I
LSCE1510 Civil Drafting Methods 3 Credits
LSCE1518 Materials, Estimating, and Specifications 3 Credits
LSCE1522 Technical Computations I 3 Credits
LSCE1530 Survey Fundamentals 5 Credits

Suggested Technical Studies Semester II
LSCE1502 Surveying Principles I 3 Credits
LSCE1506 Advanced Survey 5 Credits
LSCE1514 Civil CADD I 3 Credits
LSCE1527 Technical Computations II 3 Credits

Suggested Technical Studies Semester III
LSCE2502 Control and Digital Surveys 5 Credits
LSCE2514 Civil CADD II 3 Credits
LSCE2518 Utility Design I 3 Credits
LSCE2526 Subdivision Design 4 Credits

Suggested Technical Studies Semester IV
LSCE2506 Construction Design and Surveying Principles 5 Credits
LSCE2510 Surveying Principles II 3 Credits
LSCE2522 Civil CADD III 3 Credits
LSCE2530 Utility Design II 3 Credits

General Studies
  ENGL 1100 or General Education from Goal 1 3 Credits
  GBEH 1100 or Gen Ed from Goal 5/Goal 6/Goal 7 3 Credits

Estimated cost for books and supplies: $2,795

PLEASE NOTE: All program plans are preliminary and curriculum may change without notice. Your catalog of record may have different requirements.


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