Program Description

Farm Management
Farm Business Management Diploma (60 Credits)

Program Description
The Farm Business Management Program is concerned with the economic principles and agricultural practices used in making decisions about alternative ways of using land, labor, capital and management ability to make a profit in farming. Information about farm business relationships, legal aspects of estate planning, partnerships, trusts, and business transfers from older to younger farmers is available when needed.

Students learn a system of a farm business record keeping necessary for computerized farm business analysis. This is the core of the instructional program. Instructional activities include the annual series of class meetings and individual conferences with farmers and others concerned with a farm operated by a family unit. Instruction is based on the economic, social, and cultural goals of the family and business unit.

Gainful Employment Data

Year 1
FBMT1112 Foundations for Farm Business Management 4 Credits
FBMT1211 Introduction to Farm Business Management 4 Credits
FBMT1213 Managing a Farm System in a Global Economy 2 Credits

Year 2
FBMT1121 Preparation for Farm Business Analysis 4 Credits
FBMT1122 Implementing the System Management Plan 4 Credits
FBMT1223 Using System Analysis in Total Farm Planning 2 Credits

Year 3
FBMT1131 Managing and Modifying Farm System Data 4 Credits
FBMT1132 Interpreting and Using Farm System Data 4 Credits
FBMT1233 Application of Productive Enterprise Information 2 Credits

Year 4
FBMT2141 Interpreting and Evaluation of Financial Data 4 Credits
FBMT2142 Interpreting Trends in Business Planning 4 Credits
FBMT2243 Using Financial Instruments in Farm System Management 2 Credits

Year 5
FBMT2151 Strategies in Farm System Data Management 4 Credits
FBMT2152 Integrating System Information for Financial Planning 4 Credits
FBMT2253 System Plans and Projections 2 Credits

Year 6
FBMT2161 Examination of the Context of Farm System Management 4 Credits
FBMT2162 Refining Farm System Management 4 Credits
FBMT2263 Evaluating Farm System Programs 2 Credits

Estimated cost for books and supplies: $325

PLEASE NOTE: All program plans are preliminary and curriculum may change without notice. Your catalog of record may have different requirements.


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