Program Learner Outcomes


Nursing - LPN to ADN Mobility AS

1 - Advocate for patients and families as full partners in promoting their self-determination, integrity, and ongoing growth as human beings by providing compassionate patient centered care.
2 - Make sound judgments in nursing practice that integrate nursing science and utilize the nursing process in the provision and promotion of safe, quality health care.
3 - Minimize risk of harm to patients and providers through both system effectiveness and individual performance.
4 - Use information and technology to communicate, manage knowledge, mitigate error, and support decision making.
5 - Continually develop a professional identity as a nurse in ways that reflect integrity, responsibility, ethical and legal practices.
6 - Function effectively as a team member managing and collaborating care within nursing and inter-professional teams.
7 - Maintain a spirit of inquiry to continuously improve the quality and safety of health care by challenging the status quo and questioning underlying assumptions of clinical nursing practice.
8 - Integrate current evidence and research in the delivery of optimal health care.

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