Student Success Week | October 26-30

SCTCC Students at Student Success Day

Student Success Day is a day where you get to participate in great events around campus and learn useful things that will help you with your college and professional career. You'll be able to attend workshops and advising sessions, hear a great keynote speaker, eat pizza, and more!


Schedule of Events  

Monday, October 26 (Motivation Monday) 

Motivation, Focus & Concentration | Room 1-244 


Can’t seem to concentrate? This session will discuss obstacles of concentrating , staying motivated and provide strategies that help with increased focus and concentration.  

Jillian Mergen, Success Skills Coach 

Career Choices | Room 1-329


Are you unsure of your career direction? Discover more about yourself and which careers may be a good match for you. 

Bretta Edwards, Academic Success Coordinator 

Zumba | Room 1-155 


Zumba™ uses rhythms with easy to follow moves to create a workout that is more fun than work…Come join the party wearing comfortable fitness-wear and athletic shoes! NO experience needed! 

Alfredo Oliveira, Certified Trainer 

Pumpkin Decorating Contest | Room 1-312 

While they last! 

Grab a pumpkin and decorate, paint or carve! Submit your masterpiece as a program, class, club or individual project. Return by 10 AM Wednesday morning to Room 1-312. Judging will take place via Facebook and winners will be announced Friday morning! 

Tuesday, October 27 (Cyclone Tuesday) 

Career Choices | Room 1-329 


Are you unsure of your career direction? Discover more about yourself and which careers may be a good match for you.

Bretta Edwards, Academic Success Coordinator 

Cyclone School Spirit North Commons 


Show your SCHOOL SPIRIT by wearing your SCTCC Cyclone apparel or school colors! Submit a selfie or bring your buddies and get your photo taken! Enter your photo for a chance to win a fabulous prize!

Wednesday, October 28 (Success Wednesday)

Men Can Make a Difference | Room 1-439 


This presentation will examine how cultural norms which support sexual and domestic violence are shaped AND reflected. Learn how men can be partners and allies with those who are working to ward gender justice.

Chuck Derry 

Recovery from Anorexia | Room 1-244 (Offered Twice)

9AM-9:50AM AND 10AM—10:50AM 

Join us as Kelly shares her story of being in recovery from anorexia; her lowest point in life to now lead-ing a support group for people suffering from eating disorders.

Kelly Doss, Arc Kandiyohi County 

Using Effective Communication to Make Your Life A Lot Easier! | Room 1-236 (Offered Twice)


Friends, family, teachers, and people in the work-place all rely on your ability to clearly and correctly express yourself through many communicative channels. 

Your communication habits can influence the difference between being selected or passed over for a job, as well as influencing whether your personal relationships are rewarding versus finding yourself in another strained relationship. This session will focus on a variety of communication contexts to help attendees leave with tips and tools to assist their communicative skills.

Luke Green, SCTCC CMST Instructor 

Passport to your Plan Depart from CAS, Meet Your Professor | Room 1-112 


We will be departing from the CAS to explore opportunities at SCTCC and other career options: 

  • Ecology/Field Biology or Environmental Science 
  • Biological Sciences 
  • Math/Pre-Engineering/Pre-Education 
  • Spanish 
  • Music 
  • Art 
  • Anthropology 
  • Philosophy 
  • Communication 
  • English 
  • Chemistry 
  • Diversity/Social Responsibility/Women’s Studies 
  • Business 
  • Health/Nursing Majors 
  • Trade / Industry degrees 
  • Many others! 
  • SCSU Student Relations Coordinators will be here to assist you! 


KEYNOTE Presentation | Room 1-439 


Students Have Class: The Impact of Social Class on the Student Experience 

A fundamental belief in our country is that we are all equal when it comes to the ability to achieve the American Dream and if you just work hard enough, your dreams will come true. Our country is awakening to the realization that this is not the case. Learn about how aspects of your social class may be impacting your educational experience, and be introduced to tools you can use to mitigate class-related barriers impacting your future. 

Michele Jersak, Across Barriers Poverty Coach 

Students in attendance for the keynote will receive lunch right after presentation AND a chance to win a $25.00 Gift Card!

What the #$!@?? Staying in School When the Unexpected Happens


The challenges of being a student and dealing with all of life’s happenings can be daunting. So when the worst happens, how can you stay on track? A panel of students will share their stories of hardshops and overcoming them.

Thursday, October 29 (Thumbs Up Thursday)

By Commons Various Times

Share your THUMBS UP story, project, or experience at SCTCC. Feel free to submit photos, list awards and pat yourself, your club, class or organization on the back for a job well done! Visit Student Club representatives to learn more about getting involved and meeting new people! 

Dia de los Muertos Celebration includes: 

  • Face Painting 
  • Art Exhibit 
  • Soup flavors 
  • Alter Display 

Friday, October 30 (Finally Friday)

Flannel Friday


Whether it is your favorite hunting shirt and cap or comfy flannel pants—let’s see how many shades of Flannel we can show off! 

Wear your flannel and visit Admissions Office for a TREAT! 

Freaky Friday Movie Madness! | Room 1-244


If you dare, join us for A Night of the Living Dead! In the BatCave! 


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