Student Success Day | Thursday, March 27, 2014

Student Success Day

Get your education and career plan in gear!

Student Success Day is a day where you do not have regular classes but instead, you get to participate in other great events around campus and learn useful things that will help you with your college and professional career. You'll be able to attend workshops and advising sessions, hear a great keynote speaker, register for prizes, and more!

Workshop Schedule

10:00 - 10:50 AM 11:00 - 11:50 AM 1:30 - 2:20 PM
Resume Writing
Tips to generate more interviews using power words, content that sells, and headings to match the job you want. 

Jackie Bauer, SCTCC Career Services Director 
Room 1-433
Crisis Response Team 
This overview of the 4 County Crisis Response Team pertains what services are available for yourself, a friend, or family member experiencing a mental health crisis. Learn about TXT4LIFE crisis text line. 

Chad Rhoads, Crisis Quality Assurance Coordinator 

Room 1-412

Scholarship Writing Tips 
Financing your education takes planning. This session will offer advise and tips to develop an application that will set you apart from the crowd!

Sheila Saiko, SCTCC Foundation Dawn Maleska, SCTCC Intern 

Room 1-410

Star ID, DARS, Starfish 
Don’t miss this opportunity to activate your StarID and password (required to register for courses). To ensure you are taking courses necessary for your career path, learn how to read & understand your DARS. Starfish; schedule appointments and contact your success team. 

Lauren Atkinson, SCTCC 

Room 1-434

SCSU Transfer Options 
Learn the steps to transfer to SCSU, get questions answered and have a better understanding of requirements and course work to complete at SCTCC.

Jill Andel, SCSU Assistant Director, Admissions 

Room 1-406

FAFSA Workshop 
Receive help in completing the 2014-2015 FAFSA and to learn new FAFSA regulations, Return to Title IV Funds, how Satisfactory Academic Progress impacts financial aid eligibility, Summer Financial Aid, and much more! Students, feel free to bring 2013 federal tax returns and your Dept of Ed PIN numbers. 

Jacci Netter, SCTCC Financial Aid Assistant Director 

Room 2-427

Leadership Experience 
Students will participate in interactive activities that will develop knowledge of leadership styles and how to utilize that information in looking for leadership opportunities during their college experience. 

Jeremy Sippel, Program Advisor, SCSU 

Room 1-439

Massage Techniques 
In this session, you will learn massage techniques and tools to use as a method of relaxation and wellness. Note: It is helpful to have someone you are comfortable with so you can practice on one another. 

Karlene Plante, Therapist 

Room 1-254

ZUMBA® Fitness 
Zumba™ fuses Latin and international rhythms with easy to follow moves to create a workout that is more fun than work…Come join the party wearing comfortable fitness-wear and athletic shoes! NO previous experience needed! 

Caryn's Studio

Room 1-316

What the #$!@? 
The challenges of being a college student while simultaneously working, family, and dealing with all other life responsibilities can be daunting. So when the worst happens, how do you stay on track? A panel of students who will share their stories of hardship and how they managed to prevail against the odds.

Bretta Edwards, Intern, SCTCC 

Room 1-466

Identify your personal learning style preferences through a learning-style quiz. Explore and discuss how sleep, exercise, and hydration can enhance learning and summarizing, and get tips for distributed practice versus cramming and connecting new learning to old for long-term recall. 

Shawn Meyer, Nursing Dept. Assistant Professor, SCSU 

Room 2-420

What Color is Your Personality?
Come to this presentation to learn the primary and secondary colors of your personality, and how other people’s personalities affect you, as well. Participants will identify and understand individual strengths, per-sonality patterns, and internal motivators; they will also recognize potential blind spots and challenges! 

Pat Thielman, Human Resources Office Manager, SCSU 

Room 1-406

What NOT to Wear!
Don’t miss this runway of fashion and faux pas. Be prepared for your interview by learning the do’s and don’ts that may or may not lead to your success! 

Jackie Bauer, SCTCC Career Services Director

Room 1-433




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