Student Success Day | Wednesday, October 29

SCTCC Students at Student Success Day

Student Success Day is a day where you get to participate in great events around campus and learn useful things that will help you with your college and professional career. You'll be able to attend workshops and advising sessions, hear a great keynote speaker, register for prizes, eat pizza, and more!


Workshop Schedule

8:30 - 9:50 AM 9:30 - 10:20 AM 10:30 - 11:20 AM
Men Can Make a Difference
This presentation will examine how cultural norms which support sexual and domestic violence are shaped and reflected. 
Explore how increasingly mainstreamed depictions of violence, domination, degradation, and/or sexual exploitation exacerbate an already dangerous environment for women and children.
Learn how men can be partners and allies with those who are working to fashion a world where gender justice and sexual integrity are imbedded in our institutional practices and understanding of how we live together as friends, family, and community. 

Chuck Derry

Room 1-439

Career Choices
Are you unsure of your career direction? Discover more about yourself and which careers may be a good match for you. In this workshop you will complete a career assessment and be introduced to tools to help you explore potential career opportunities.

Judy Jacobson Berg, SCTCC Counselor
Sarah Gatlin and Carissa Johnson – SCSU Graduate Student Interns 


Room 1-432

Transferology 101

Thinking of transferring to a four-year College or University? Worried that your credits may not transfer? Transferology, formerly USelect, is a powerful tool allow-ing you to select which courses you have completed and what they will transfer in as at another college or university. This session will teach you how to use this tool, as well as other transfer tools available. 

Lauren Atkinson, Interim Academic Advisor 

Room 1-466



U-choose is a campus prevention effort that focuses on the reduction of high risk alcohol use designed for college students. This session approaches the topic in a fun, interactive, positive, and intellectually stimulating manner. 

Andy Cone, UChoose Representative & Basketball Coach 

Room 1-406


Nutrition for College Students  

How can I avoid gaining the ‘Freshmen 15’?! What can college students do to eat healthy on a budget? This session on healthy eating can help you answer these questions. We will discuss what foods to avoid as well as what food we should try to add to our diet and tips for college students on a budget. 

Heidi Smith, Instructor & Volleyball Coach  

Room 1-410


Cultural Skills in a Diverse Workforce  

Join us as we discuss the cultural skills required to become a member of a diverse workforce and to effectively serve a diverse clientele. In the increas-ingly globalized job market of today’s economy, cultural competence has never been more important.

Rosemond Owens, Centracare Health System

Room 1-240

Majors In Minutes
Passport to your Plan
10:30 - 11:30 AM
We will be departing from room 1-432 to explore opportunities at SCTCC and other career options: 
  • Ecology/Field Biology or Environmen-tal Science 
  • Biological Sciences 
  • Math/Pre-Engineering/Pre-Education 
  • Spanish 
  • Music 
  • Art 
  • Anthropology 
  • Philosophy 
  • Communication 
  • English 
  • Chemistry 
  • Diversity/Social Responsibility/Women’s Studies 
  • Business 
  • Health/Nursing Majors 
  • Trade / Industry degrees 
  • Many others! 
  • SCSU Student Relations Coordinators will be here to assist you! 


Room 1-432




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1540 Northway Drive
St. Cloud, MN 56303