Paramedicine AAS (64 Credits)

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for paramedics include: private ambulance companies, hospitals, industry, city health agencies, fire departments and law enforcement agencies. Park services, ski patrols and other groups in many countries often educate their personnel to become Emergency Medical Technicians or Paramedics as part of their duties.

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Technical Studies Pre-requisites:
HLTH1440 Medical Terminology 1 Credits
BLGY1321 Human Biology 4 Credits
*AHA CPR for Healthcare Provider and EMT Basic are also required before beginning the Paramedicine program. (must submit AHA CPR and MN EMSRB EMT-B card)
*In addition the following must be completed: A medical examination, vaccinations against Hepatitis B or signed release form, Mantoux test, mandatory attendance at an informational meeting and background check.
Suggested Technical Studies Semester I
EMSP1401 EMS Operations 3 Credits
EMSP1402 Paramedicine Skills I 3 Credits
EMSP1403 Introduction to Pharmacology 1 Credits
EMSP1405 Medical Emergencies 3 Credits
Suggested Technical Studies Semester II
EMSP1404 Emergency Pharmacology for Paramedics 2 Credits
EMSP1407 Cardiology I 2 Credits
EMSP1410 Cardiology II 4 Credits
EMSP1432 Support Services Internship 2 Credits
Suggested Technical Studies Semester III (Summer)
EMSP1409 Paramedicine Skills II 2 Credits
EMSP1441 ALS Ambulance Internship 2 Credits
EMSP2438 Emergency Department Internship 3 Credits
Suggested Technical Studies Semester IV
EMSP2412 Paramedicine Skills III 2 Credits
EMSP2420 Specialized Populations 2 Credits
EMSP2425 Advanced Trauma Care 2 Credits
EMSP2430 ALS Ambulance Internship II 2 Credits
EMSP2435 Critical Care Internship 2 Credits
Suggested Technical Studies Semester V
EMSP2442 Acute Care Internship 2 Credits
EMSP2481 Paramedicine Internship 6 Credits
EMSP2485 Paramedicine Skills IV 2 Credits
General Education
MNTC Goal Area 1 Communications-Written 3 Credits
CMST1320 Intro to Communication Studies 3 Credits
CRTK1300 Critical Thinking 3 Credits
PSYC1304 Lifespan Developmental Psychology 3 Credits
Estimated cost for books and supplies: $1840

PLEASE NOTE: All program plans are preliminary and curriculum may change without notice.