Coaching Certificate (15 Credits)

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The Coaching certificate meets the requirements of the Minnesota State High School League and Minnesota Statute 122A.33, which dictates the minimum coaching education necessary to be a head coach at the high school level. Many youth sports organizations also recommend the coursework included in the Coaching certificate.

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Required Technical Studies
HPER1315 Sports Related First Aid and CPR/AED 2 Credits
HPER1320 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries 2 Credits
HPER1325 Psychology of Sports and Coaching 3 Credits
HPER1330 Coaching Methods 3 Credits
HPER1360 Weight Training and Conditioning 1 Credits
Technical Electives, Choose 4 credits from:
HPER1335 Football Coaching Theory & Skills Improvement 2 Credits
HPER1340 Volleyball Coaching Theory and Skills 2 Credits
HPER1345 Basketball Coaching Theory and Skills Improvement 2 Credits
HPER1355 Baseball Coaching Theory and Skills Improvement 2 Credits
HPER1365 Softball Coaching Theory and Skills Improvement 2 Credits
Estimated cost for books and supplies: $550

PLEASE NOTE: All program plans are preliminary and curriculum may change without notice.