Mechanical Design & Manufacturing Tech. (18 Credits)

Career Opportunities

Technicians with drafting and design background will often assist engineers and designers with the design and development of new products and tools and the modernizing of present equipment. Graduates will find placement opportunities in both large and small companies. The cross-functional nature of the advanced certificate gives graduates options in both machining and design technology.

Suggested Technical Studies - Machine Tool Grads
CADD1502 Mechanical CADD I 3 Credits
CADD1507 Mechanical CADD II 3 Credits
CADD1512 CADD Applications I 3 Credits
CADD1516 CADD Applications II 3 Credits
CADD1520 SolidWorks Foundations 3 Credits
CADD2550 Technical Communications 1 Credits
CADM3502 CMM Operations 2 Credits
Suggested Technical Studies - Mechanical Design Grads
CADM3502 CMM Operations 2 Credits
MACH1540 CNC Fundamentals 2 Credits
MACH2504 CNC Milling/Turning 4 Credits
MACH2510 Cutting Tool Technology 1 Credits
MACH2514 Metallurgy 1 Credits
MACH2542 CNC Milling Setup and Operations with 4th Axis 4 Credits
MACH2545 CNC Turning Setup and Operation 4 Credits
Estimated cost for books and supplies: $2150

PLEASE NOTE: All program plans are preliminary and curriculum may change without notice.