ART1310 2D Design

Course Description

Meets MN Transfer Curriculum Goal Area 6 - Humanities. This course introduces the vocabulary and tools essential for two-dimensional image creation. This course develops a working knowledge of the use of the basic elements and principles of two-dimensional design. Students will explore creative problem solving by producing design projects in a variety of tools, techniques, and materials. This course emphasizes the elements, principles, and ideas that constitute the shared language of all visual arts. Production and research will be an integral part of the course as students learn to apply the elements and principles of design to artistic projects.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and explain the elements and principles of two-dimensional design.
  • Apply the elements and principles of two-dimensional design in a variety of assigned creative projects, including non-objective, abstract, representational, and typographic compositions.
  • Create and explain original designs that solve a variety of formal problems.
  • Show basic technical proficiency in the media introduced in class.
  • Respond critically to works of visual arts and design using the language of art and design, both verbally and in writing.
  • Evaluate works of art and design, both formally and conceptually.
  • Explore form and content and their relationship via hands-on creative projects.


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4 credits: 3 lectures / presentations, 1 lab, 0 other