PSYC2310 Abnormal Psychology

Course Description

Meets MN Transfer Goal Area 5 - History/Social, Behavioral Sciences. This course explores the nature and causes of abnormal behavior and the terminology used in describing and discussing abnormal behavior. Students will examine current trends and research in the fields of mental health and psychopathology.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • examine abnormal behavior in a historical and cultural context
  • describe the current system for the classification and assessment of mental disorders
  • categorize the behaviors and syndromes necessary for the diagnosis of mental disorders
  • identify the gender, cultural, psychological, biochemical, and environmental factors which predispose individuals toward mental disorders
  • compare the different approaches used in treating mental disorders including psychotherapy, medical, and non-psychiatric methods such as 12 step programs
  • utilize research and statistics to answer questions about mental disorders and its impact on society
  • examine how legal issues influence the treatment of mental disorders


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3 credits: 3 lectures / presentations, 0 lab, 0 other