MKAD1216 Adobe Illustrator

Course Description

This course will introduce and build proficiency in the use of Adobe Illustrator, the industry-standard illustration program for creating vector-based print, multimedia and web graphics. Students learn design theory and image creation. They also construct illustrations and prepare them for export to graphics software, to the Web, and for printing. The necessary skills are gained toward developing students understanding and role of Adobe Illustrator¿s object-oriented tools in the realm of design.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Create professional level vector-based drawings.
  • Proficiently use drawing software and tools to complete Internet or print projects.
  • Compose typography with images and vector objects using the software application.
  • Differentiate among bitmap, vector, and layout software programs and images.
  • Research, brainstorm, and sketch various layout concepts to create final layouts as part of the creative process.
  • Apply basic principles of design, color, and perspective to drawn objects using the appropriate software and tools.
  • Practice the creative integration of combining type, text, images, and objects into formats unique to print and electronic media.
  • Develop project management and organizational skills to meet project needs and deadlines.


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3 credits: 2 lectures / presentations, 1 lab, 0 other