ABCT2545 Advanced Refinish

Course Description

The refinish process includes many procedures and products. This course will look at the steps necessary to complete a variety of basic refinish practices. From abrasives to undercoats and topcoats, students will cover a variety of subjects related to the refinish process. Emphasis will be put on spray gun setup, spray techniques, and product application.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Select appropriate materials according to the technical data
  • Perform proper mixing of refinish materials according to the technical
    data sheets.
  • Apply two and three stage paint according to manufacturer¿s
  • Comprehend refinish material safety and environmental hazards
  • Prepare plastic substrate for the refinish process in accordance with
    technical data sheets.
  • Identify differences between solvent and waterborne refinish
  • Demonstrate safe shop operation practices.
  • Perform masking techniques.
  • Blend paint.
  • Use manufacturer's information to plot and tint colors.
  • Show proper paint gun set-up.


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4 credits: 2 lectures / presentations, 2 lab, 0 other