AUTO2513 Automatic Transmission and Transaxle Overhaul

Course Description

Advancements in the electronic control of automatic transmissions and transaxles require a good understanding of the hydraulic, mechanical, and electronic functions of these units in order to accurately diagnose problems. Students will study and apply the operation, repair, diagnosis and overhaul of automatic transmissions and transaxles. Students will learn automatic transmission internal mechanical and hydraulic components and overhaul procedures as well as the scan tools needed to diagnose them.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Implement safety procedures in accordance with automotive repair industry standards.
  • Apply basic hydraulic and electric/electronic theory to the principles of torque multiplication and division using gear systems in automatic transmissions and transaxle operation.
  • Service and adjust automatic transmissions/transaxles.
  • Test, diagnose, and repair shift, pressure control, and lockup control solenoids.
  • Access and synthesize information using pressure gauges, Digital Vol-Ohm Meter (DVOM) and scan tools, air tests, road tests and reference material to accurately diagnose transmission/transaxle failures or problems.
  • Remove, remanufacture and replace an automatic transmission and transaxle.
  • Practice pollution prevention procedures involving storage, disposal or recycling of fluids and parts.


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4 credits: 2 lectures / presentations, 2 lab, 0 other