CULN1250 Basic Cooking Principles

Course Description

This course builds upon the skills and knowledge developed in the preparation of stocks, sauces and soups and applies the knowledge to larger food industry principles. Key topics included in this course include identification of various meat products, fabrication of meats, poultry, wild game, various seafood items, processing and curing of meats, and the application of complimentary sauces for meat, poultry, and seafood dishes. Additional topical areas in this course include food cost and pricing, "center of the plate" costs, yield testing for the fabrication of meats, application of cooking methods for various meat, poultry, and seafood dishes, and an introduction to food presentation and garnishing.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Identify by sight over 25 meat cuts.
  • Fabricate a primal cut of beef and perform a raw yield test. Apply raw yield test results to food costs and menu pricing.
  • Demonstrate proper fabrication of poultry and various wild game products and prepare fabrications for meal service.
  • Demonstrate cleaning and preparation of various seafood items including fish, clams, mussels, squid, octopus, and others.
  • Prepare accompaniments and sauces to various meat, poultry, and seafood dishes.
  • Develop, assess, and evaluate various dishes on presentation and garnishing to determine final product for customers.
  • Apply proper cooking principles to a multitude of dishes.
  • Learn industry terminology and apply to multiple aspects of food production.
  • Apply proper safety, sanitization, and storage procedures for all meat, poultry and seafood items.


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4 credits: 0 lecture / presentation, 4 lab, 0 other