SPAN1310 Beginning Spanish I

Course Description

Meets MN Transfer Curriculum Goal Area 8 - Global Perspective. This is the first course in a two-semester sequence in Beginning Spanish. Beginning level vocabulary (colors, school, house, family, time, basic descriptions, dates) is introduced and then is incorporated into elementary conversations and writing assignments. The course covers essential grammar, oral and listening practices, composition, reading, as well as projects during with students start to explore the cultures, the people and the history of Spanish-speaking countries. Grammar presented in the first semester includes adjectives, sentence structure, present tense of regular and irregular verbs, progressive structure, and the difference between ser and estar. Emphasis is given to the differences among Spanish-speaking cultures. Linguistic varieties as well as idiomatic differences among Spanish-speaking countries are also introduced.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Transfer grammar rules to the conjugation of verbs, word endings and syntax.
  • Adopt pronunciation rules when speaking Spanish.
  • Carry on a short conversation about personal interests including what they are doing and are going to do.
  • Ask and answer simple questions using practiced patterns.
  • State personal preferences and feelings.
  • Express agreement and disagreement using memorized expressions.
  • Read and respond to level-appropriate written materials on familiar topics.
  • Identify the main idea of selected authentic materials.
  • Demonstrate understanding of written and spoken language that has strong visual support.
  • Write short guided compositions on familiar topics in the present time frame.
  • Identify similarities and differences between the target cultures and the student's own culture.
  • Identify and describe contributions from the target cultures such as artwork, architecture, music, dance and literature.


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4 credits: 4 lectures / presentations, 0 lab, 0 other