DMSG1412 Clinical Ultrasound Lab II

Course Description

Practical training in a hospital or simulated clinical laboratory will focus on completing and becoming proficient in scanning of the human body. Emphasis will be placed on instrumentation, protocol, record findings along with associated calculations, and anatomy identification of the abdomen, thyroid, pelvis, obstetrics, breast and vascular systems.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Explain aspects of patient care pertaining to sonography.
  • Perform proper ultrasound instrumentation, transducer care and maintenance.
  • Perform abdominal, thyroid, pelvic, obstetric, breast, and vascular ultrasound scans following set protocols.
  • List ultrasound protocol for scrotum and prostate imaging.
  • Perform various ultrasound measurements following set protocols.
  • Generate patient history, measurements, and comments on a sonographer report.


Please see eServices for section availability and current pre-req/test score requirements for this course.

5 credits: 0 lecture / presentation, 5 lab, 0 other