FNCR1250 Credit Law

Course Description

This course pairs and expands upon the legal environment of business course in the business and finance and credit programs. The course focuses more in-depth on the legal principles applied to commercial transactions including, negotiable instruments, debtor-creditor relationships, agency, employment and bankruptcy laws, business organizations and government regulations. This focused attention on commercial transactions builds a more comprehensive understanding of the financial environment adding to the applied knowledge and skill set students need for employment in the finance and credit field.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Define and describe the legal principles applied to business transactions.
  • Research current and emerging consumer rights and protection laws and policies.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of commercial transactions including negotiable instruments, creditor remedies, and bankruptcy.
  • Explain the laws affecting real and personal property in terms of buying, selling, owning, and leasing.
  • Explain insurance contracts for different applications and the common components of all insurance contracts.
  • Compare and contrast business organization options (Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation and Limited Liability Company) and the effect on contract rights and duties.
  • Examine the government regulatory environment as it applies to agency and employment laws that impact the finance and credit industry.
  • Understand the way the legal environment views financial circumstances and how to apply this knowledge to influence and make informed business decisions.
  • Apply research and historical knowledge to foresee and avoid legal difficulties in the business environment.
  • Identify legal issues in finance and credit related scenarios and apply knowledge of the credit law environment to resolve.
  • Learn to develop acceptable attitudes and viewpoints with respect to business ethics and social responsibility within the realms of commercial and/or credit transactions.


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3 credits: 3 lectures / presentations, 0 lab, 0 other