READ1112 Critical Reading

Course Description

Students develop study skills necessary for academic success in college. Students focus on developing personal study habits that aid the student in reaching a desired level of academic accomplishment. Topics include time management, listening skills, test taking strategies, memory, concentration, college textbook reading techniques, taking lecture notes, learning style preferences, test anxiety, stress and procrastination management, visual note taking strategies, reading and evaluating websites, and academic goal setting.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • assess and reflect individual academic strengths and weaknesses
  • identify and apply a variety of study skill strategies to increase academic success in college
  • develop a personal study plan that is realistic, manageable and uses effective study strategies
  • analyze personal application and results of learned study strategies
  • assess the use of study strategies through written evaluation
  • determine the strategies most effective for their needs and demonstrate adapting them to their specific course tasks and study requirements
  • develop and demonstrate skills in evaluating the accuracy and reliability of Internet websites


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3 credits: 3 lectures / presentations, 0 lab, 0 other