MHTT1503 Diesel Engine Fundamentals

Course Description

This is an introductory course; students learn theory, design, and operation of a diesel engine and fuel system. Working in the lab, students will disassemble, inspect, and reassemble a running light duty diesel engine. After completion of this course, students will be prepared to advance to Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Repair. All learning outcomes must be performed according to National Automotive Technician¿s Education Foundation (NATEF) and industry standards.

Student Learning Outcomes

All listed outcomes must be performed to acceptable levels of NATEF Standards.

  • Demonstrate safe working skills during repair procedures.
  • Describe and practice the use of measuring instruments to compare with industry data.
  • Complete engine repairs and assembly according to manufacturer¿s specifications.
  • Identify preferred industry repair data and resources to complete engine overhaul procedures.
  • Determine engine component condition for reuse.
  • Perform proper engine component cleaning operations.
  • Identify engine components and operation, including sub systems.


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3 credits: 1 lecture / presentation, 2 lab, 0 other