ART1321 Drawing I

Course Description

Meets Mn Transfer Curriculum Goal Area 6 Humanities and Fine Arts. This course introduces students to the basic ideas, materials, and methods of drawing. Students will work primarily from observation to explore line, shape, form, space, texture, and value on a two-dimensional surface. Students will engage in the creative process through a variety of techniques, styles and media. Students will develop perceptual awareness, eye/hand coordination, and an increased appreciation for and knowledge of contemporary and historical drawing concerns.

Student Learning Outcomes

The student will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to render form and space from observation onto the two-dimensional surface.
  • Develop technical skills and proficiencies necessary to those working with drawing media.
  • Examine and explain technical, aesthetic, and design issues inherent in drawing.
  • Demonstrate engagement in the creative process by creating drawings.
  • Develop an appreciation for the aesthetic principles governing works in drawing.
  • Make aesthetic judgments appropriate to drawing, respond critically to works, and articulate informed personal reactions to works in the arts.
  • Develop strategies to express ideas through drawing.
  • Employ drawing as a means of personal expression.


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4 credits: 3 lectures / presentations, 1 lab, 0 other