MATH1341 Elements of Math I

Course Description

This course explores mathematics with investigations and activities to help students form a deeper understanding of why and how mathematical procedures work. In addition to solving problems, students will also model and explain mathematics concepts related to mathematical patterns, relations, and functions, numerical literacy, number theory, and mathematical processes. This is the first of two courses designed to provide the necessary foundation for students interested in elementary education licensure, but the course is also open to non-education majors.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the basic mathematical concepts that form the foundation of
    arithmetic, algebra, and number theory.
  • Demonstrate mathematical reasoning skills and formal logic to develop
    convincing mathematical arguments.
  • Solve problems using appropriate mathematical techniques.
  • Communicate mathematical understanding to others verbally and in written form.
  • Model mathematics with pictures and manipulatives.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills to solve a variety of problems.
  • Utilize a systematic approach to problem solving which incorporates
    verbal, numeric, visual, and symbolic strategies.
  • Explain the connections between mathematical concepts and procedures.


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4 credits: 4 lectures / presentations, 0 lab, 0 other