ENVR1305 Environmental Science

Course Description

Meets MN Transfer Goals 3 & 10 - Natural Sciences & People & the Environment. This course in environmental science studies the impact of humankind's activities on the planet. Class discussion and interaction will be encouraged. The problems and issues which the course will be dealing with are difficult and complex. The instructor promises no easy answers to these challenges.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • understand how human impacts on earth have changed through history and why environmental concerns have recently become so prominent
  • recognize the major environmental challenges facing modern societies and understand the choices and trade-offs these challenges pose
  • grasp the scientific principles underlying the basic phenomena of environmental change
  • understand the technologies associated with major environmental problems and the technologies that may help solve these problems
  • distinguish the environmental impacts of industrial and developing societies, and understand why different types of societies perceive different problems and pursue different solutions
  • broaden your familiarity with world geography and international affairs
  • understand how the issues discussed in the course are connected to the decisions and choices you make in your personal life
  • appreciate that the complexities and intricacies of environmental problems demand a holistic approach, manifested by team work and group communication


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4 credits: 3 lectures / presentations, 1 lab, 0 other