CULN1280 Foodservice Internship

Course Description

This course involves a three-week (96 hour) internship at a food service operation. This course will provide the student an opportunity to sharpen their culinary skills in a fast-paced, real-world environment. The student will, under the direction of experienced chefs/cooks, experience teamwork, problem solving, and a feel for the Food Service industry.


  • Set up and assist with the coordination of internship expectations, hours/scheduling, goals, paperwork, and duties to be assigned.
  • Develop teamwork skills through communication and daily work with food service staff.
  • Demonstrate problem solving abilities by applying in-class experiences and knowledge to the real-world environment.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the different menu items and cooking procedures while balancing classroom knowledge with processes/procedures expected at the internship location.
  • Experience a food service establishment in full operation.
  • Demonstrate professional behaviors and standards.
  • Maintain communication with internship coordinator(s) and instructors.
  • Serve as a positive reflection of both St. Cloud Technical and Community College and the Culinary Arts program through their work with internship contact.


Please see eServices for section availability and current pre-req/test score requirements for this course.

2 credits: 0 lecture / presentation, 0 lab, 2 other