GEOL1300 Geology

Course Description

Meets MN Transfer Goal 3 - Natural Sciences. Earth is a very small part of a vast universe, but it is our home. Learn about the resources that support our modern society and the ingredients necessary to maintain life. This is an introductory course in Physical Geology designed for non-science majors. The course includes a laboratory component. The focus of the course is to gain an understanding of the basic geological formations and processes that shape our earth. Topics will include; Minerals, Rock Types, The Rock Cycle, Volcanoes, Erosion, Ground Water, Glaciers, Deserts, Shorelines, Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes, Mountain Formation, and Geologic Time.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • describe how scientists determine the properties of geological formations and materials
  • identify basic minerals and rock types, their sources, and their properties
  • describe and explain the major geological processes that shape the earth
  • describe geologic time and the earth's evolution through geologic time
  • apply theoretical geologic processes to current phenomena and explain their causes
  • describe local landforms and explain their formation
  • perform measurements and analysis of the properties of earth's materials
  • document and discuss experimental results
  • gather and analyze data and draw conclusions from this analysis
  • demonstrate and apply critical thinking skills to analyze a variety of geological phenomena
  • work cooperatively and effectively in groups engaged in the process of science and show respect for other people's needs, ideas, and feelings
  • model professional and responsible behavior by being on time, participating in class discussions and completing assignments on time
  • demonstrate effective use of resources including faculty, other students, reference materials, industry sources, and the Internet


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4 credits: 3 lectures / presentations, 1 lab, 0 other