SPAN2310 Intermediate Spanish I

Course Description

Meets MN Transfer Goal 8 - Global Perspectives. The third semester in the study of the Spanish language further develops grammar, conversation, reading, composition, and listening skills. The students listening skills will be refined in the third semester. Students will learn to listen for general information and for details. They will also develop the ability to listen for specific information. Intermediate Spanish 1 will stress the correct application of grammar through reading, speaking and writing. The writing skills of students in the third semester will expand from being able to write a paragraph with supporting details to being able to write essays with a sequential order. Original literary works will be read by students in order to develop more advanced vocabulary. These literary pieces will also be analyzed by students in a written and oral format. The people, culture, history and arts of the different Spanish-speaking countries will be covered extensively through upper level readings and videos.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Apply grammar rules to spontaneous spoken Spanish.
  • Write grammatically correct summaries and essays.
  • Use advanced Spanish grammar and vocabulary in oral communication.
  • Summarize in written and spoken Spanish, literary works from Spanish-speaking countries
  • Interpret, in written and spoken Spanish, literary works from Spanish-speaking countries
  • Comprehend and interpret the ramifications of the Spanish Colonization in Latin American
  • Compile historical reasons for the differences between the Spanish-speaking countries


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4 credits: 4 lectures / presentations, 0 lab, 0 other