SPAN2320 Intermediate Spanish II

Course Description

Meets Mn Transfer Curriculum Goal Areas 6 & 8 - Humanities and Global Perspective. This is the last course in a four-semester sequence that, upon completion of the sequence, meets the general Spanish requirements for the Spanish (Minnesota State Transfer Pathway) AA degree. During the fourth semester in the study of the Spanish language, students will continue to hone their grammar, reading and composition skills, while focusing on oral communication. The spoken word, as well as the listening skills will be given priority in the last semester of the sequence. Students will orally summarize and paraphrase readings and screenings. They will engage in knowledgeable discussions about the cultural and historical information presented in the original work studied in class. The correct application of advanced grammar will still be emphasized through reading, speaking and writing. Students will write essays as well as short stories in this course. Original literary works will be read and analyzed by students in a written and oral format. The people, politics, society, culture, history and arts of the different Spanish-speaking countries will be covered extensively through original readings and videos. Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Discuss a wide variety of topics.
  • Ask and answer a variety of questions that require elaboration and substantiation of opinions.
  • Discuss feelings and ideas about self and others.
  • Compare, contrast, express and support opinions and make suggestions and recommendations.
  • Analyze selected reading materials.
  • Identify the main idea and demonstrate understanding of significant details of authentic materials.
  • Demonstrate understanding of written and spoken Spanish on a wide variety of topics in any time frame.
  • Write formal compositions for a variety of purposes.
  • Compare the target culture and the student's own culture on topics such as the environment and other contemporary issues in society.
  • Discuss and analyze contributions of cultures such as selections from various literary genres and fine arts.
  • Expand the use of Spanish beyond the school setting for life-long learning and participating in a global community.
  • Infer and explain social, cultural and political issues reflected in literary works from Spanish-speaking countries
  • Examine historical figures from the Spanish-speaking world within their social and historical background
  • Create artistic works that express and reflect issues in the Spanish-speaking world


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4 credits: 4 lectures / presentations, 0 lab, 0 other