DMSG2403 Introduction to Vascular Sonography

Course Description

This course is designed to provide students with a foundation for understanding the basics of vascular sonography through both lectures and lab. Students will gain basic knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, and pathology associated with upper and lower extremity arteries and veins, renal arteries, mesenteric arteries, and extracranial vasculature. In addition, students will be given hands-on instruction and practice in a simulated lab to develop the basic scanning skills required to perform duplex imaging of these various vascular structures


  • Identify normal anatomy of upper and lower extremity veins and arteries, renal arteries, mesenteric arteries, and extracranial vessels.
  • Explain the characteristics of normal and abnormal venous and arterial flow patterns.
  • List risk factors and symptoms associated with most common vascular pathologies.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of how to assess for venous insufficiency through successful completion of scanning exercises.
  • Examine upper extremity veins, lower extremity arteries, and renal arteries following set scanning protocols.
  • Interpret normal vs. abnormal Doppler characteristics in various vascular systems using designated diagnostic criteria.


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4 credits: 2 lectures / presentations, 2 lab, 0 other