PSYC1304 Life Span Developmental Psychology

Course Description

Meets MN Transfer Goal 5 - History & the Social & Behavioral Sciences. Life Span Psychology is both intriguing and biographic because each of us is constantly developing. The course examines human biosocial, cognitive, and psychosocial development in diverse contexts from "Womb to Tomb". It includes coverage of scientific discoveries and theories; critical analysis of evidence supporting or contradicting those theories; basic concepts and terminology; integration of personal experience and developmental theory and research; and related current public policy and diversity issues.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the scientific methodologies used in developmental psychology.
  • Compare and contrast the major developmental theories.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the interaction of the developmental process and periods of human development.
  • Integrate developmental theory and research with naturalistic and/or other observations of individuals at various stages of development.
  • Compare and Contrast ones own personal development and projected future development across the developmental life stages.
  • Evaluate and analyze current public policy issues in the field of developmental psychology


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3 credits: 3 lectures / presentations, 0 lab, 0 other