MKAD1270 Media Research and Planning

Course Description

Students will learn and practice basic media research principles as they relate to today¿s mass media industry. Students will also construct a media plan that meets professional industry standards. Having this media plan in the students¿ portfolio will show their ability to think critically, solve problems and effectively work with various IMC (integrated marketing communications) scenarios.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Study the history of the mass media research and the media planning process.
  • Discuss the role and responsibilities of the mass media researcher.
  • Examine the different types of mass media found within the marketing industry.
  • Evaluate data sources, media research and theories of media strategy.
  • Differentiate how different mass medias are purchased and why.
  • Calculate major mass media formulas.
  • Analyze different target audiences, target markets, target segments, and target cells.
  • Research, design, and create a media plan incorporating industry standards.


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3 credits: 2 lectures / presentations, 1 lab, 0 other