ENGL0352 Mosaic Fast Track

Course Description

Mosaic Fast Track is designed to provide non-native speakers of English with the fundamental academic listening and study skills necessary to improve performance at the college level. Students entering this course will have scored between 50-69 on the ESL Accuplacer Test or between 0-35 on the Accuplacer Reading or will have been identified as expected to benefit by participation in this course. This course does not fulfill a general studies or general education requirement. This course carries institutional credit but will not transfer and may not be used to meet degree requirements.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • listen for main ideas and supporting details
  • understand the theme and outline of academic lectures
  • apply specific note taking techniques from a lecture
  • understand news stories about past, present, and future events
  • employ new words in speaking and reading situations
  • identify academic and personal goals, outline steps to reach them, and evaluate their commitment to their goals
  • identify learning styles and apply the principles to identify and capitalize on their dominant styles
  • demonstrate an understanding of the value of identifying priorities and the important role of time management in meeting deadlines and achieving goals
  • apply critical and creative thinking to specific problems and challenges they face in classes and in life
  • select and apply appropriate memory devices to various kinds of information related to content in college courses
  • apply critical thinking to test preparation and test taking
  • demonstrate knowledge and use of:
    D2L, the college's online catalog, electronic access to the SCTCC library resources and databases, the internet for specific information various search engines and index/directories.


Please see eServices for section availability and current pre-req/test score requirements for this course.

0 credit: 40 lectures / presentations, 10 lab, 0 other