SURG1462 Operating Room Clinical Lab I

Course Description

This course will start you on the road to becoming a functional member of the surgical team in the capacity of a surgical technologist. The student will implement skills learned in prior surgical technology theory and lab courses. The student will be scrubbing for a variety of surgical procedures and assisting the circulating nurse. The student will also be working with central processing, unit support, and instrument room personnel. The complexity of duties will increase as the semester progresses. During this semester, the student will have two rotations at area health care institutions. The student must pass the 1st rotation in order to continue on to the 2nd rotation.


  • Perform pre-operative skills specific to surgical technologist
  • Perform intra-operative skills specific to surgical technologist
  • Perform post-operative skills specific to surgical technologist
  • Evaluate your performance
  • Work towards independence
  • Assist with support personnel duties
  • Assist circulating nurse with perioperative duties including documentation
  • Evaluate patient follow through from admissions, to surgery, to PACU and to discharge
  • Exhibit professionalism
  • Display dependability
  • Demonstrate the practices of Aseptic Technique

    Meet the clinical case requirements set forth by the AST; Core Curriculum for Surgical Technology Sixth Edition. Refer to official course syllabus and outline, clinical folder and/or Surgical Technology O.R. Clinical Student Handbook for detailed description of Surgical Rotation Case Requirements.


Please see eServices for section availability and current pre-req/test score requirements for this course.

14 credits: 0 lecture / presentation, 14 lab, 0 other