PSYC1350 Positive Psychology - Building Human Strengths

Course Description

Meets MN Goal Area 5 - History and the Social and Behavioral Sciences. Positive Psychology uses the scientific method to measure, understand and build the characteristics and virtues that foster a satisfying and meaningful life. The course will include numerous self-assessment exercises to bring awareness and to develop the characteristics such as love, empathy, self-control, wisdom, commitment, happiness, self-respect, hope and friendship. Students will examine research and theory from behavioral, cognitive, developmental, personality and social psychology as well as human physiology and neuroscience. The course will include stress management.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • demonstrate an understanding about how research is conducted and the goals of researchers in the field of positive psychology and how it differs from other fields of study in psychology
  • describe and critically analyze scientific evidence regarding what creates well being
  • evaluate and integrate personal strengths and weaknesses through scientific research based assessments
  • identify unhealthy triggers to stress such as alcohol, tobacco, and drugs and critically analyze research and theory on the causes, effects and healthy solutions
  • identify safe and healthy sexual relations
  • apply the Positive Psychology scientific theories of mind-body approaches to their own health
  • analyze alternative theories and treatments such as physical exercise for anxiety, stress, and depression
  • compare and contrast cultural values regarding human strengths


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3 credits: 3 lectures / presentations, 0 lab, 0 other