FNCR1220 Principles of Banking

Course Description

A history of banking and the current banking industry is examined. The focus centers on the main functions of banking and the products and services offered by the banking industry.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • describe the three functions of banking and the customer and financial services provided by banks
  • describe the problems of early banking and how (through legislation) the problems were resolved
  • describe the structure of the Federal Reserve System and how it works with regard to fiscal and monetary policies
  • define and discuss the deposit, payment, and credit functions of banking
  • identify the four basic categories of loans and explain the credit analysis process for individual and business loans
  • define credit risk, market risk, spacing of maturities, and diversification of investments
  • discuss marketing research in meeting the needs of banking customers
  • describe the financial planning and budgeting process, and the importance of accurate accounting data
  • describe how banking operations have changed as technology and customer expectations have changed


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3 credits: 3 lectures / presentations, 0 lab, 0 other