SAMG1236 Professional Development

Course Description

In today's highly competitive industries finding a place in a chosen field is a process that takes into account personal interests, education, goals, and abilities. Students will facilitate their transition into the work place and support themselves in defining their professional role in sales, marketing, management, or entrepreneurial careers. This course will also emphasize corporate and civic responsibility and the participation in professional networking activities and organizations. In this course students will develop a professional portfolio which includes setting goals, managing their time and resources, and practicing self-responsibility. Upon completion students will be prepared to market themselves for opportunities in the fields of sales, marketing, or management.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Research sales, marketing, and management careers and industries.
  • Assess and incorporate personal strengths and skills in development of portfolio.
  • Develop center of influence contacts by practicing networking and self-promotion at professional organizational events.
  • Build a resume and cover letter that will promote interview success.
  • Research and practice professional dressing for success in the fields of sales, management, and marketing.
  • Practice successful interviewing for sales, marketing, and management careers.
  • Differentiate negotiations of sales, marketing, and management job offers.
  • Practice various techniques of professional job search etiquette.
  • Evaluate the process of job offers and rejections.
  • Research and participate in corporate and civic responsibility activities applicable to career choice.


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2 credits: 2 lectures / presentations, 0 lab, 0 other