DMSG1409 Professional Development and Growth in Sonography

Course Description

This course is designed to transition students from the classroom and lab setting into a clinical setting. Students will be able to recognize the functional skills required to be a diagnostic medical sonographer. Students will observe the day-to-day operations of different ultrasound departments and share their personal reflections.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Define the role of a diagnostic medical sonographer.
  • Recognize the obligations of the sonographer to patients, institution, and self.
  • Identify aptitudes, abilities and functional skills to be a sonographer.
  • Identify the impact of cultural diversity in a clinical setting.
  • Analyze patient reactions to illness.
  • Apply infection control and safety measures when at a clinical setting.
  • Establish patient communication skills and teamwork in a clinical setting.
  • Recognize the various ultrasound exams that are completed in an ultrasound department.
  • Identify different ultrasound equipment used in ultrasound departments.


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1 credit: 1 lecture / presentation, 0 lab, 0 other