CSEC2215 Scripting & Automation

Course Description

Making the most efficient use of our time is critical in any business. In Information Technology the use of scripts and automation reduce mundane tasks and simplify complex implementations. This course will introduce methods and tools for understanding and automating system tasks. Scripting and Automation explores the foundations and usage of the command line, developing programmatic flow and creating shell scripts to assist in the automated performance of common technology management duties. Successful participants will be able to automate many tasks with scripts and reduce effort by creating scripts that can run interactively or automatically. Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Implement basic programming structures in programs and scripts
  • Understand the flow a program or script
  • Apply problem solving strategies to develop scripts/programs
  • Demonstrate appropriate use of programming fundamentals
  • Evaluate how scripting may or may not facilitate system automation
  • Apply systems automation techniques to new areas in system administration


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3 credits: 2 lectures / presentations, 1 lab, 0 other